Perth Fashion Week 2012 – Kitty Grace – Donna Ferreri

Perth Fashion Week 2012 – Kitty Grace – Donna Ferreri

If I must confess, I hadn`t even heard of Kitty Grace, but boy am I glad I have now. This had to be one of the most riveting fashion shows I have been to in a long time, both for the fashion and the dramatics that occurred on the Perth Fashion Week 2012 runway (and no doubt backstage as well).

After opening with a very melodramatic and sensuous film clip, the models, under a helmet of lollipop pink and purple hair, strutted and occasionally stumbled down the runway. See, while the gold platform sandals were very effective, they were also flimsy (a lesson never to buy cheap shoes) and broke on several occasions leaving few models to complete the walk with only one shoe and the luckier ones had their shoes sticky taped to their feet. I can only image the amount of cursing and panic that went on back stage, but it made for great entertainment front of house. However in true professional form, the models barely blinked and eye, they just carried on down the runway (shoe or no shoe) remembering that the clothes are what come first; and the clothes were definitely worth it.

The whole thing was very lollipop lane meets lost in space, but in the most fabulous way possible. There were vivid colours throughout the whole collection, graffiti like prints and a whirl of block colours flowing down the catwalk. Heavy, metallic materials mixed with pockets of mesh. The futuristic cuts of the garments worked pleasantly well fitting to the feminine form, while the cinched waist belts gave a powerful edge to more fluid and delicate pieces.

Perth designer Kat Grace did an absolute awesome job and I cannot wait to purchase some (if not all) of her pieces from her “She`s like Crystal” collection.

*Images taken by Gordon Do

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