5 minutes with GIARNE WEDES, the new Sydney Insider!

5 minutes with GIARNE WEDES, the new (one and only) Sydney Insider!

From freelance stylist to blogger and PR/sales manager we sit down with Stylehunter.com’s newest Sydney Insider GIARNE WEDES to find out a little more about what makes her stylish mind tick.

This is what we came up with……

When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?

It was always between a movie star or a fashion stylist.

And Now? A fashion stylist, without a doubt. I love my job and not many people can say the same thing.

What do you most love about your state/country?

I love living in a fashion hub and that is exactly what Sydney is about.

Describe your style? Who inspires your look?

I love shoes and can’t get enough of them. Apart from a great pair of heels I like a classic, feminine yet edgy look. Pairing gorgeous pants with a tee and blazer, not too forget chunky jewellery and a great handbag. Definitely inspired by Rachel Zoe.

How, where & with who do you like to shop?

If I’m not with a client on a personal shopping trip, I’m most likely shopping by myself or with my mum, she has great taste too! At the moment, I am loving online stores but am still a major fan of physically seeing the product and trying on.

What are the 5 most worn items in your closet?

  • Leather pants,
  • Salmon coloured denim jeans,
  • White lace blazer,
  • Snakeskin tote
  • Classic black ankle boots.

Is there a trend you think (your state/ country) has adapted well? Why?

I think Australia adapts very well with trends thanks to our transitional seasons. I would have to say neon colours have been worn all over the place whether it be a knit, shoes, jewellery, bags or dresses.

Finish the sentence…

Date night: jeans, heels and a statement jacket.

The item in my wardrobe i cherish the most is my YSL booties.

My most extravagant purchase was my YSL booties.

Looking back, my bigger fashion fail was oversized sunglasses.

Any look is not complete without a stand out pair of shoes.

The hottest look for this season is geometric/futuristic printed dresses.

My Fav fashion designer is Rachel Zoe.

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