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“Face-It” scarves

Have you heard of “Face~it scarves“? MaxMara, Country Road and Max & Co have already taken up the product, with large department stores are in discussions about rolling out the “Face-It” scarves into all change rooms.

Shoppers are being asked to wear the protective mask while trying on clothes by retailers sick of stock getting stained by heavy lipstick and makeup.

I’m the first one to put my hand up and say I hate make up stains on clothes I’m trying on in store, especially when its the last one on the rack and has been stained by someone elses foundation!

“Face~it scarves” have developed a unique product, which has been designed to protect garments and customers in the women’s retail fashion industry.

  • face~itTM takes customer service to a new level
  • face~itTM scarves minimises makeup, perspiration and sunscreen spoilage of your garments
  • reduces the cost of unnecessary dry cleaning
  • reduces the need for unnecessary mark down of garments
  • valuable stock not absent from store due to unnecessary dry cleaning
  • reduce valuable staff time taken to collect soiled garments and deliver to dry cleaners and then pick up to return to store
  • face~itTM is designed to be a time and cost effective product when used in store

So how does it work?



I understand the purpose for the “Face~it scarves” I can only imagine how annoyed retailers are getting with constantly needing to dry clean clothes, but cant you be a little more creative with the design? I think the word weird is the first thing that comes to mind on this one….

Would you be happy to wear a Face~it scarf on your next trip to the department store?


Image from news.com.au Face~it scarves

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