Mimco Showcase @ L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival (LMFF) 2012

Mimco Showcase @ L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival (LMFF) 2012

Its not often you head to a runway where you want absolutly everything….until you go to a Mimco Runway.

Mimco put on a wonderland array of bling on the runway at The L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival on Tuesday night. The motto? Bling is back in and loading up like an emperor is the look for this season.

With special guest star-model, Jessica Gomes on the catwalk the only accessory-focussed show of the festival said we should layered up with heavy accessories and rock it.

In this fabulous world of accessories, you’ll find trusty handbags, wallets, necklaces, earrings, watches, shoes, sunglasses and headbands. A purchase at Mimco always gets attention. They know it. You know it. We know it.

The show kicked off with a drummer and a soprano.

Models were loaded with dark and silver chains, often a dozen at once. Heavy beaded bangles and thick chain bracelets were often banked extravagantly from wrists to halfway up the arm. Bags in the beginning were substantially smaller than the fab massive totes so common in recent years.

A shiny patent leather bag in a beautiful vibrant red was a true standout and daffodil yellows teamed with the occasional coral. In a fashion world where colour blocking is dominating, Mimco certainly delivers, but where this stands out is in a unique benefit that only accessories provide.

If you want to take your outfit to the next level, accessories can be your best friend to push you over the edge so Mimco’s accessory only show, was well needed.

Smart creations like small clip purses chained to a model’s waist, detachable ribbon-tied peplums in stiff black fabric made late appearances to a pleasing crowd.

My favourite; that knee high boots and ankle boots are back again to attack another year!


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