Minimalist Hourglass Forms For The Modern Day Woman – Dylan Cooper, Sydney

Minimalist Hourglass Forms For The Modern Day Woman

It seems that retro looks are on there way back with the 50s having a huge influence over all that’s happening in the world of the fashion conscious.

I’ve pulled some looks from recent collections that i feel really sum up this stunning interpretation of an era that has had a resounding effect over the last few years and is very present in contemporary fashion.

Necklines are becoming lower and draw upon the femininity of a woman’s body with subtle fullness in silhouettes and shapes tied with beautiful long lines and elegant hem lengths. Colours are muted and soft with pastels and neutrals also being dished up.

I am wondering could it be that the ladies of worlds gone by still exist and have come back to visit us once again? When I see such styles in fashion and on the runways it reminds me of women such a Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn, something I feel is both reminiscent of the past and refreshing in their return as more modern interpretation.

Sadly gone are the days where there was such pride placed upon the appearance of a woman and how one should dress, now we live in a world that is driven by mass production. A look in particular I am most impressed by is the hour glass silhouette and how houses such as Dior and Jil Sander have harnessed a more minimalist approach to the look, making the repetition of the 50s era more relevant to this generation.

As a side note just a little obsessed with the Dior ballet shoe inspired pumps! SO luxurious!

Dior AW12/13

Jil Sander AW12/13

Lanvin AW12/13

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