Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Fashion stems from the creative eye of a brand but style is in the eye of the beholder.

Ensuring the brand and the beholder respond positively to one another is the Stylehunter goal.

Our creative work gets your brand “in” the palm of your demographics’ hands. Ultimately, it’s audience who have styling control on how your brand is used. We can inspire them so they want your brand in their life.

Tell us what your goals are… will show you how technology and social media can reach them and explain why this tailored strategy will achieve the results you need.

Style conscious audience – our subscribers are fashion dedicated consumers, ready to engage with your brand

Return on investment – We can show you the value of our campaigns. Compared to perceived reads in published media, delivers significant content direct to the right demographic for your product.

Results driven – with measurable, reportable traffic, we help your brand achieve marketing goals.

Brand exposure – by showcasing your brand on you ensure that your
brand/product is seen in a fashionable light by consumers in trusted, credible editiorial context – results driving context!

Online Sales – while consumers are exploring content they’re one click away from making a purchase with you.

Reaching each and every demographic across three unique style platforms, the network communicates with the teenager, the professional, the mother, the brother, the father and the boyfriend, linking them through a vicarious need to accomplish the latest styles and trends in a way that is accessible to each unique individual.

You provide the what, and the Stylehunter Network provides the how and why.

Utilising the Network’s credible industry voice, advice and reviews are used to plant the seed for future purchases, simultaneously educating the consumer and selling your product.

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