Monday, October 19, 2020

Hannah Silverman | Travel Writer

Hannah Silverman | Travel Writer
LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM: Between jet-setting across international waters and within her beloved UK, Hannah might as well live out of a suitcase. From sipping Champagne in Epernay to (trying to) find the glamour in riding camels in the middle east, Hannah has her ear to the ground for the latest travel trends and destinations. A history enthusiast, Hannah is a former Australian journalist now based in London where she has everything a girl could possibly dream of… except the English sun, but it’s coming right?

The 5 tips you need to read before travelling to London

THESE DAYS doing the ‘London Thing’ is somewhat of an international cliché, especially for Commonwealth jet-setters. Ok, it’s a delightful, deliciously satisfying cliché, but one...