A Flight Attendant’s Top 5 Beauty Tips to Looking Fresh Faced After a Long Haul Flight : Like packing a suitcase, looking fresh faced after a long haul flight is a skill that needs to be honed. Frequent flyers may spend their fair share of time in planes but flight attendants have the added challenge of working through a 10-15 hour flight – and looking good while on the job. We asked Margaret Lai, flight attendant at Cathay Pacific for her top travel beauty tips.

  1. Stay Hydrated but Not Just In-Flight

Post flight, drink plenty of water and use a face masque to replenish moisture back into your skin. Sheet masks are great to travel with and disposable meaning they are easy to pack. For skin that’s especially dry, follow with a serum or rosehip oil before applying moisturiser.



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  1. Pack Makeup Wipes in Your Carry On

Pack makeup wipes. The queues to the bathrooms are always long after meals. With makeup wipes, you can freshen up in your seat. If makeup wipes are too drying for you, consider a no rinse cleanser like Bioderma Crealine H20. Decant the solution into a small bottle so you can save some space in your carry on.



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  1. Remove All Makeup

Going completely bare faced may be an uncomfortable thought but your skin will thank you for it later. The cabin’s environmental elements are harsh for the skin. Letting it breathe and keeping your body hydrated is the best thing you can do for it given the conditions.

  1. Bring Blotting Paper – Even if Your Skin Isn’t Oily

The air in the cabin can make your skin feel tight and dry. As a result, your skin will produce more oil to compensate for the loss of moisture in your skin. Even those who don’t have oily skin may find the need to blot the oil from their face. Opt for blotting papers that are free from perfume or artificial fragrances.



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  1. Have a Window Seat? Pack Sunscreen in Your Carry On

If you’ve landed a window seat and love a good view, apply SPF before take-off. UV increases with elevation and so the same slip, slop and slap rules to sun safety still apply.



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  1. Sleep

Tips 1-5 will help you look more rested and fresh when you land but no amount of makeup or skincare can replace what your skin needs – sleep. If you’re a light sleeper, use ear plugs and an eye mask (available in-flight). You never know when a baby will start crying or when your neighbour will turn on the reading lamp.

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