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GONE are the days of luxurious pampering reserved for the rich and famous. Affordable luxury is right at our fingertips with Melbourne’s new blow dry bar and teahouse, Dry & Tea.

The multi-award winning salon originates from New Zealand and have recently brought their premium yet affordable salon experience to Melbourne. “Clients pick from our menu of five signature styles and let our stylists recreate it in just 45 minutes for an affordable $49”, Amy Sznicer, Dry & Tea owner.

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Blow waves are honestly the only reason I visit hair salons. To me, finding a salon that gives me the perfect blow wave is just as hard as finding the best acai bowl in Melbourne. Everyone can do them, but perfection is rare.

When you step into a hair salon for the first time, you never really know what you are going to get with blow waves. Even the blow dry bars that offer a menu of curl and wave options sometimes just don’t live up to the perfectly styled model’s hair I’m pointing at on the blow wave menu.

Regardless of my hair styling history, I was excited to arrive at Dry & Tea for my blow wave appointment. I mean, why wouldn’t you be excited to spend 45 minutes getting pampered without moving a muscle?

Dry & Tea boast an extensive list of pamper options. Starting at the simple wash and blow wave, you can get every salon experience a girl could need. Want to channel to those cool-girl braids you’ve been seeing all over Instagram and Pinterest? Check. Feel like getting your nails painted as well, or maybe eyelash extensions? Check. Have an upcoming event? Their onsite hair stylists and make up artists will give you the complete hair and makeup transformation. You can even get a complete cut and colour.

My hair is on the dry side (the price I pay for having blonde balayage!) so I loved that my hair stylist suggested adding treatment before the blow wave. Dry & Tea use specialist hair products from L’Oreal, Kerastase and Redken. For my hair, the Karastase Fusio Dose was used to hydrate and protect my locks.

For my blow wave look, I opted for the soft and nautral waves of the ‘New York Femme’ style.

Photo: Jordy Komesarook @jordykomesarook

Next, it was tea time. This wasn’t just your classic ‘would you like a black or green tea while you get your hair done’ scenario.  Dry & Tea offer an extensive menu of teas from T2. Whether you like to keep to the classics like Earl Grey and Peppermint, or are looking for a vitamin boost with green and herbal teas, there’s something for everyone. Of course, a cheeky glass of bubbles is always an option to accompany any treatment.

I’m obsessed with herbal teas (I have a selection of herbal teas at my desk at all times) so I chose the Lemongrass & Ginger tea for it’s revitalising elements. When your tea is served, it arrives with a sand timer to allow the tea to brew for the optimal amount of minutes, which varies depending on the type of tea leaves.

45 minutes later, I was pleasantly surprised – I loved my blow wave. Usually I have to ask the hair stylist to tweak weird strands of hair here and there, but in this case it was first time perfection. I left Dry & Tea with that satisfying feeling you get after a little pampering TLC (you know the feeling), rapidly trying to think of what plans I could make for the evening so I could get dressed up and show off my fresh, wavy locks.

In need of a blow wave or have an upcoming event? You can view Dry & Tea’s full list of services here.


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