So you’ve found the perfect location, booked your flights and the holiday countdown is on. Bliss and paradise is right around the corner. However this does mean that your skin will not be as joyous as you and you will need to take some extra steps to avoid holiday skin meltdowns.

What happens to your skin when you travel?

Wherever you decide to spend your vacation the climate is usually very different to what your skin is used to on a daily basis.  Your skin may have to adjust to higher or lower humidity levels, more or less sunlight and different temperatures.

There is also the harsh realisation that your skin will become increasingly dry caused by air conditioning and heating.  If your flying on a plane you can be also be certain that your skin will become dull and dehydrated. Oily skin may react by producing more oil to try to keep itself moisturized causing unwanted breakouts.

Don’t forget your diet.

Different foods and increased amounts of alcohol will also effect your skin. So extra skin TLC is a must while on your next vacation.Having taken all of this into consideration there is no wonder your skin will cry out for help while you relax and unwind.

So what action should you take?

Make sure you prepare your skin a few days before your trip. Exfoliate gently to remove dead skin cells and apply a hydrating mask to your face for at least 10-15 minutes. Follow with a rich moisturiser daily and a hydrating serum at night. Even if you have oily skin, realize that the drying effects of travel may cause your skin to overreact.  Ensure your skin is in tip top shape before you travel.

Pack carefully.

Remember that your skin is going to be under quite a bit of stress while travelling. That means any potentially irritating products such as harsh cleansers, hydroxyl acids and peels need to stay at home.

You can also leave behind any gadgets like skin exfoliating items. Remember, you don’t need to pack an overwhelming amount of skincare for your vacation – just a few simple products will see you through.

Take along travel sizes of your gentle cleanser, daily moisturiser, and a serum that will help beat dryness. It’s also a great idea to pack a light hydrating face mask that will help to remove toxins. Try and use a mask every 2nd or 3rd day. And last but certainly not least, don’t forget your favourite eye cream and this will be all you need for happy, healthy holiday skin.


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