IT’S ALWAYS the same – your hair is starving for a new cut and colour, but, just as you’re about to make that salon appointment, you ask yourself that one, ever-important question: which style am I going for this time?

And – let’s be honest – we all fear the same thing … the hairdresser cutting too much off.

So, when I started getting nervous (as I always do) about going to get a new ‘do for my blonde hair and coming out looking like a boy, I decided I needed to opt for a cut which would give me the big change I was after, without the risk of significant collateral damage.

It didn’t take a lot of searching to see that one of the trending hair movements was one that has come (and gone) time and time again: the fringe.

More specifically, the wispy fringe (you know it, the ‘I haven’t styled it, but I totally have’ kind of look).

And while ruffled blonde bangs seemed to have their best days in the late 80’s and 90’s, they’re well and truly still in the style game thanks to the likes of Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid (just like a lot of the clothing trends from the same era).

But the wispy fringe hasn’t merely experienced a major revival. It’s always been present. Commonly known for changing their hair style as often as their outfit, celebrity fringe-lovers supermodel Kate Moss and fashion blogger Kristina Bazan have been just a few fringe ambassadors that kept the movement … well, moving.

fringe 5

But, deciding to adopt a fringe is not as simple as it sounds (or as it should be).

It tickles for one; falls in your eyes at the worst of moments and too often than not seems to grow at a disturbingly faster rate than the rest of your hair. So, how do we tame these glorious bangs? Read on.

frindge 4

The blunt cut isn’t for everyone

Don’t go for the bold fringe. Keep it light and wispy. This way it allows the hair to do the styling work for us as the little gaps between the flicks of hair create an effortless look.


A fringe doesn’t always have to exist

Okay, so let me explain this one. If you keep it long enough, you will be able to part it and fix it with some hairspray. Sometimes when I do that, people don’t notice I have a fringe. Besides, having wispy bangs is kind of about breaking the rules right? so don’t worry if it’s getting a bit too long – this gives it that untamed, unashamed look we’re going for.

frindge 3

Top buns fix everything

If you’re having a bad fringe day, part your hair around your fringe and tie it in a top-knot bun. Sorted and stylish. Tick.


Whatever your look, wear it with confidence. If there is anything #stylehunterloves it’s confidence.