Do you care about some of the dangerous chemicals that are part of your morning makeup ritual but don’t have the time to read every single label and do the necessary research? Well Peachy Clean Organic Beauty and Wellness Boutique has already done the hard work for you. I caught up with organic beauty queen (and secret super woman) Haley from Peachy Clean Organic Beauty and Wellness Boutique, who so graciously provided me with some tips on how to battle some of the common winter beauty blues confirming that it is important to nurture not only the outside but the inside as well.

The gorgeous Hayley from Peachy Clean
The gorgeous Haley from Peachy Clean Organic Beauty and Wellness Boutique

Firstly tell me a little bit about Peachy Clean Organic Beauty and Wellness Boutique and how you came to build an organic beauty emporium that users can trust?

I’ve been working in media for years (TV Presenter, Radio Announcer, Party Columnist, Emcee…) and was having my hair and makeup professionally done regularly. My skin was just so dry, dull and flaky so I started looking into the products that I was being exposed to – holy moly, once you open that can of worms and start to actually know about the chemicals that are in your everyday products and what the side effects of them are…you won’t ever go back to using ‘regular’ products again I promise you. The products that claimed to ‘moisturise’ my skin were the exact ones that were causing my dry skin – let alone all the increased risk of some really scary health problems like cancers, infertility, liver damage…all from my skin care and makeup? And it wasn’t even working? I started hunting for truly natural products but they were just so hard to find (a product can legally be labeled ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ even if it includes as little as just one natural ingredient mixed with a chemical cocktail!) and one store wouldn’t always stock everything I needed. It shouldn’t be hard work and you shouldn’t need a science degree to buy products that are safe and actually do what they say they’re going to do. So I started my Peachy Clean Organic Beauty and Wellness online boutique – everything you need, shipped right to your door – easy peasy. No greenwashing, no BS, no hassle.

Now that the season is changing and the weather is cooler, what is your morning skin routine for facing the harsh winds of winter?

Winter can be a total nightmare on skin – especially if you already have dry or sensitive skin to start. It’s really important to not only moisturise your skin but nourish or ‘feed’ it too – think of it like the difference between watering a plant and fertilizing it. When your skin is getting all the vitamins and minerals as well as the moisture it needs you’ll start to see real improvements. I love my Sodashi Clay Cleanser (ditch the foaming cleansers for dry skin types), Concentrate (liquid exfoliator that dissolves dead skin without ‘roughing up’ any dry or sensitive areas), a Rose Face Mist (rose hydrosol is fabulous for hydrating and smoothing fine lines), then my Boost (here’s where the nutrients start getting added-I swear by boosts!), then either a moisturiser during the day or serum at night. It’s all the extra products (like the mists, boosts and eye creams) that I’ve noticed have made the most difference to my skin. I’m not just doing the bare minimum anymore, my skin is finally getting what it needs and it shows.

What is the best way for women (and men for that matter) to steer clear from dry skin this winter?

Work at it from the inside too! We usually drink less water in winter and dehydrated skin together with cold winds is just a recipe for red noses, sunken eyes and chapped lips. I take my bag of organic, freeze dried coconut water powder with me everywhere so I can just add a teaspoon to my water bottle and up the quantity of hydrating electrolytes while I’m on the go! Plus it tastes pretty damn good too 😉


Every winter I always struggle with dry and chapped lips; What should I use to treat this and what should I avoid?

Firstly – ditch your lip balm! Yep – ‘regular’ lip balms contain parabens (a preservative linked to so many horrible things including breast cancer) which actively dry your skin out! Putting a balm on feels so soothing so we think we’re doing our lips good – but have you ever noticed that the more you use lip balm, the more you need it? That’s why – it’s a vicious cycle and such a hard and fast habit to reach for the carmex or blistex when we feel chapped. Switch to an organic lip balm like my all-time favourite lip balm in the world – the Weleda Everon Lip Balm (crazy creamy and lush!) or use a tinted lip balm instead of a lipstick (AEOS Lip Tints are the best!) that will actually nourish your lips and not contribute to the problem.

AEOS Lip Tints
AEOS Lip Tints

With flu season already in full swing, what are your recommendations for soothing the awful after affects of crusty nose face?

Nappy Rash Cream! Seriously – don’t be scared to use a little nappy rash balm on your nose. A good organic one is full of mega ingredients to help heal and soothe delicate tooshies and is perfect for sensitive noses. I also love the Vanessa Megan Happy Hand and Heal Balm and Weleda Skin Food on my nose (and lips) when I look like rudolph 😉

To help keep colds away in the first place, give your immune system some help. Our Loving Earth Gubinge Powder (made from Kakadu Plums) is the highest source of Vitamin C on the planet (verified!) – one Kakuda plum can contain more Vit C than around 50 regular oranges!

Vanessa Megan Happy Hand and Heal Balm
Vanessa Megan Happy Hand and Heal Balm

Sometimes a girl likes to go luxurious; What pamper treatments are favourable for the body in the cooler seasons?

Ok now you’re speaking my language; I used to think that products like face mists, boosts and masks were ‘fluff’ products, created to make you spend more – all I needed was a cleanser and moisturiser right? Now it’s my job to test every product in a new range and I can’t tell you how much difference all the little extras make! Absolutely invest in a great serum in winter and go the extra mile and treat yourself to a fabulous mask – like my favourite, the Sodashi Brightening Marine Mineral Mask. For Dry Hair the Sodashi Hair and Scalp Mud is ridiculous – it won the Harper’s Bazaar ‘Best At Home Luxe Spa Treatment’ Award – and rightly so! I’m a huge fan of Sodashi and I also swear by their Eye and Lip Smoother – the lines I had between my eyebrows are all but gone.

Sodashi Hair and Scalp Mud
Sodashi Hair and Scalp Mud

What are some of the benefits of a chemical free beauty regime and can you really see/feel the difference?

Absolutely! My skin has never been better – and I get emails everyday from customers saying how much their skin has improved by simply ditching the nasties and using quality ingredients on their skin, it makes me really happy! Chemical preservatives and fillers have been linked from everything to low sperm count in males, early puberty, blindness in children, breast cancer and eczema – it’s all so unnecessary. Take out the risks and let your skin finally get the nourishment it needs without the harsh chemicals.

What are you top 3 “Must Have” items for winter skin care and why?

This question always makes me feel like I’m choosing a favourite child. Absolutely the Sodashi Body Butter – luxe and ‘xy’ but by far the best body butter I’ve ever used. I’d rather have one jar of this than 20 cheaper butters any day of the week. It’s so nourishing and it lasts forever-it’s a real ‘spa treatment’ moisturiser and the difference is dramatic.

My AEOS Cleansing Oil De Maq – this cleanser is so rich I often don’t need a moisturiser afterwards. Packed with so many incredible, regenerating, calming and uber-nourishing oils – it sinks into the skin quickly so you don’t feel oily at all like you would think, plus it’s a demon on removing makeup. Beautiful!

A good coat of Eco Tan. If you can’t tone it – tan it and a little natural tan keeps you looking healthy, refreshed and feeling good in winter. I love the Eco Tan Winter Skin – it’s a daily moisturiser that builds to give a really natural looking tan (no more looking like you’ve been rolling around in a twisties packet here!) so it’s also moisturising and it doesn’t stain or stink so you can just pop it on before you get dressed every morning – super simple.

Lastly to finish we have our Style Hunter Quickies  – Finish the sentence:

Date night: A good giggle! Anything where you can have a laugh is a winner with some awesome Thai food!

The item in my wardrobe I cherish the most is: My nana’s pink fluffy hat! She only ever wore head to toe magenta and just thinking of her makes me smile. Love personified!

My most extravagant purchase was: My Ellery gold ‘Ava Gardner’ jacket – I literally didn’t pay rent that week – regrets – zero.

Looking back, my biggest fashion fail: Most mornings! I work from home and the office is on the way to the kitchen so I’m usually working in trackies before I’ve had breakfast – I often joke with friends ‘if only people knew what I looked like at work most mornings’ ha!

Any look’s not complete without: Confidence and great skin!

The hottest look for this season is: Positivity and happiness. As Roald Dahl said “If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your eyes like sunbeams and you will always look lovely”. Word 😉

My Fav fashion designer is: Ooh so many and it’s always changing….our Aussie designers are killing it! Josh Goot, Ellery, Willow…

Make sure you head to Peachy Clean Organic Beauty and Wellness Boutique for all your beauty needs this season and beat the winter blues.

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