WHEN IT comes to summer prep most people think of one word: gym. But looking your best doesn’t mean solely focussing on your body.

There is one important factor that can make anyone – no matter their height, weight or body shape – ready to rock those summer outfits … and that is confidence.

When it comes to being confident, our smile says a lot about how we are feeling. It’s not about having perfect teeth; but having healthy teeth. And that’s where HiSmile comes in.

You’ve seen a million different companies claim they can brighten your smile – but I have to say, HiSmile is the first I have seen work.

I had to give it a shot before my Invisalign treatment started and I was very impressed. My friends gave it a shot too and found after just one treatment they could notice a difference.

From all the products you can choose from on the market, the HiSmile approach seems to be the most simple and inexpensive option that I’ve come across. And whoever is in charge of this company’s marketing needs a huge high-five, with stunning aesthetics, simple instructions and social media marketing handles to boot.

This is one cool kid of a company.hismileSo, how does it work?

Using a whitening gel with an LED light, the teeth are whitened in just 10 minutes and the best part? No damage to your enamel. Yep, pretty perfect summer accessory wouldn’t you say?

Another huge plus is that the coating your teeth get during the treatment means it’s harder for future stains to stick (bring on that red wine!).

And, finally – no harmful chemicals (just as it should be) and not tested on animals (how it should always be).hismile2And just when you think this HiSmile group couldn’t get any cooler, they also offer a subscription service. So, for anyone like me who is … well, forgetful at times, HiSmile will have your favourite products delivered right to your door every month.

The only pointer I would give is that it is suggested that six applications are needed to achieve up to 8 times whiter teeth – but HiSmile’s teeth whitening kit ($79.99) includes only three gels which means you would have to buy an additional three gels (a three-pack is only $39.99) before you could achieve this.hismile3

But, let’s be honest … who can put a price on confidence?