It started with Rachel Bilson, then Drew Barrymore, add Sarah Jessica Parker in to the mix, and now pretty much every second person has the balayage hairstyle look – including me. If you don’t know what balayage means, just think regrowth and you’ve got it.

Balayage is a French word meaning ‘to sweep’, and this is how the process gets its name as hairdressers use a sweeping freehand motion. The balayage technique involves keeping your ends lighter and your roots darker, and as the hair grows, the regrowth blends, making it look more natural with the end result being a sexy, tousled, grown out look.

Adelaide girls are rocking this look really well and it has become the number one request at hair salons across the city. They are using the balayge as their major accessory – changing up their whole look.

The best thing about balayge is that you can do the brunette version or blonde version.

Brunette version

Blonde version

It’s funny how only a few years ago we were going to the hair dresser religiously every six weeks to cover up our roots, but now with balayage, you can get an extra few weeks out of your colour as it literally take minutes to achieve and requires less maintenance than traditional highlights. All hail balayage!

If you want to master this must-have look for the season, try these fabulous Adelaide salons:

  • Smooth Hair Shop 3, 241 Unley Rd, Malvern
  • Hair Artistique Next Generation War Memorial Drive, North Adelaide
  • Rocktain Hair 81 Prospect Road, Prospect
  • Abache Hair 14 Gordon Street, Glenelg

Maree Stoubos