I DON’T know about you, but we are always looking for ways to try and fit an extra 10 minutes of sleep in before having to roll out of bed in the morning (or press the ‘snooze’ button for the tenth time).

So to help, we’ve had Bree Cowen, founder of Brissie’s leading cosmetic tattoo clinic – iBoutique uncover her top five beauty hacks for the time-poor professional.

I mean, who doesn’t want to perfect their daily beauty regime in half the time?

Cosmetic tattooing
Gone are the days of magic marker-like eyebrows. A new technique called ‘feathering’ sees trained technicians draw tiny, hair like strokes onto the skin to create the desired brow shape to complement your face and achieve symmetry and fullness without looking harsh or tattooed. iboutique1The results are semi-permanent, lasting anywhere from 12 months to two years, and the best part is, you can look well-groomed no matter what time of day it is with minimal makeup and effort.

And if that’s not enough, you can also get your lips and eyeliner tattooed as well!

Sleep is Important!

Want to fight puffiness? Go to sleep!iboutique2Sleeping propped up on two pillows instead of one can help reduce puffiness by helping to drain fluid from your face. Literally, it’s that simple. Also, invest in a silk pillow case – this is probably the best anti-aging hack a girl can use. Cotton fibres are harsh and scratch the skin, which over time could cause premature aging.

Incorporating a silk pillow case into your sleep regime will help you save about 3.5 minutes of skin prepping every morning. Hallelujah!

Moisturise… Just Do It

Seriously, you will never regret it. It’s a repetitive step after your face is cleansed. Everybody needs a product to help their skin stay soft and remain hydrated. Even if you have oily skin, you need to keep it moisturised to help fight premature aging.
To kill two birds with one stone, pick a product that will give you protection from the sun throughout the day!

Love the Lips

There is so much to write about on how to achieve the perfect pout. Firstly, moisturise hard and often. Winter months can cause the lips to become chapped so if you go to sleep with a thick layer of cream on those suckers you will wake up with a manageable surface in the morning. iboutique lipsfeatureNext step – colour. Let your lip liner do all the work for you. Make sure you always use a sharp pencil when applying lip liner – warm it up between your fingers for a few seconds first to soften the pencil. Then draw an ‘X’ at the very top near your Cupid’s. You can use this as your guide to creating an anti-smudge lip. You can also mix in some peppermint oil to give your lips a little extra plumping boost!


Eyebrows and lashes frame your face so spend the most amount of time on these. To save time on eye shadow application, draw a hashtag at the corner of your eyes and blend. iboutiquelastAlternatively purchase a killer nude colour and swipe that across your lids! Mascara is where the magic happens – purchase a good mascara and before applying, wipe the excess off onto a tissue to avoid clumps! Nothing worse than spider-leg eyelashes!

Oh Bree, how you save us time and time again!

For more insider beauty advice from Bree or to find out more about cosmetic tattooing, visit iBoutique.