Over are the days of choosing between going blond or brunette. There’s been a new trend around for some time now, which is dying your hair in bright colours. Celebrities and street style fashionistas have been adopting this trend, choosing tones from the whole rainbow. The rule? If they can’t pick one they’ll just wear them all!

Dying your hair purple, blue, yellow or green can be very risky (and scary), but if you finally decide to go for it can be very fun too. If you are considering giving this trend a try you should take some things into account, for example if it actually complements your personality.

Bright green hair does not suit everyone. It doesn’t mean you are boring or less interesting than someone that can pull this off, it means it simply doesn’t go with your personality. This trend is for people who like to stand out and have fun experimenting with new hairstyles.

On the other hand, hair grows back and you can always re-dye it to your original colour. Have fun for a few months to see if it works with your style and image, and simply dye it back if you decide that it doesn’t. Who knows, you could discover an entirely new you!

If you aren’t confident enough to go all out and dye all of your hair, try dying just the ends for a modern take on ombre locks. A more subtle approach, yet still on trend and perfect for when you feel like experimenting. It really depends on your personality and what you feel most confident with.

Celebrities like Katy Perry, Kelly Osbourne, Rachel McAdams and model Chloe Norgaard have tried this trend, all in their own way.

Katy Perry Rainbow HairKaty Perry Rainbow HairKelly Osbourne Rainbow HairKelly Osbourne Rainbow HairAmy McAdams Rainbow HairRachel McAdams Rainbow HairModels with died hairchloe norgaard

If you were thinking of doing something drastic to your hair or feel like it doesn’t represent who you are and it doesn’t go with your style, you should definitely try the rainbow hair trend.

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