Yves Saint Laurent are introducing us to a new generation of beauty with their latest products from YSL Beauté. With Cara Delevingne as the face of Yves Saint Laurent Beauté Makeup 2015 campaigns, YSL are dominating the makeup realm with the lip tint, Volupte Tint-In-Oil and the scientifically advanced Fusion Ink Foundation.

Volupté Tint-In-Oil is the first tint-in-oil on the market. Tint particles dissolve into the oil emulsion with a colour link infuser, allowing a smooth, even application. The light, silky lip tint derives from a blend of 4 essential oils; Apricot Kernel, Coriander Fruit, Jojoba Seed and Possiflora Seed oils. Whilst nourishing the lips and providing extreme hydration, the balmy tint-oil enhances the natural colour when applied, leaving every individual with a customised lip colour.

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With 24 hour wear, The Fusion Ink foundation uses advanced technology to create a weightless, matt coverage. The formula is created using the same technologies required to capture stellar dust, allowing for a soft, ink like liquid. Pure pigments are among other ingredients specifically chosen to control the skins humidity, as well as SPF 18 for sun protection and anti-ageing care. The Fusion Ink Foundation comes in 21 different shades, allowing every women and skin type to have even coverage all day.

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