Perfect Christmas Gifts for Kids

The summer holidays are almost here and days will be spent outdoors; playing in parks, at the beach and splashing around with friends in swimming pools.

Perfect Christmas Gifts for Kids

As children of the 1970s we were completely unaware of the dangers of sun exposure and were proud to be “brown as a berry” – peeling skin and little blisters were a normal part of summer time.

Perfect Christmas Gifts for Kids

Nowadays I would not dream of allowing my kids to get sun burnt and fortunately we have sunscreen and swimwear with UPF 50+ protection.

Swimwear and hats offer protection from the sun, are practical and fashionable. This makes swimwear and sun hats the perfect Christmas gift for kids of all ages. Kids always get so many toys, so swimwear is a great alternative and with indoor pools can be used all year round.

Perfect Christmas Gifts for Kids

 A Swim nappy is a great gift for babies when teamed with a matching rash top and hat or an all-in-one swim suit for more coverage.

S3612 - 21 B PINKS3613 - 26 FLORALS3614 - 20 P PINKS3613 - 20 P PINK

Floral Short Sleeve Rash Top $21.95

Floral Long Sleeve Rash Top $24.94

Swim Nappy $19.95

A lovely halter one piece with matching rash tops is just right for the more fashion conscious little girls and rash top with board shorts for boys.

The trends this summer in kid’s swimwear vary from vivid, bright-coloured geometrics and stripes to cool camouflage in moody colours.

S3600 - 45 MULTIElectro Camouflage All-In-one

Hawaiian Stripe All-in-one Rash $24.95

Camouflage All-in-one Rash $24.95

S3602 - 35 BLUE STRIPES3602 - 32 MID BLUE

Sailer Boy Short Sleeve Rash Tops $19.95

Camouflage Short Sleeve Rash Tops $19.95 

Graphic vintage prints are very much on trend including retro, Hawaiian-themed classic surf prints with surfboards, frangipani and hibiscus flowers.

S3602 - 50 REDS3602 - 33 NAVY

Hawaiian Stripe Short Sleeved Rash Tops $19.95

Vegas Vintage Short Sleeved Rash Tops $19.95

Large and small floral prints are always in fashion for girls either in soft pastels or super bright colours.

 S3612 - 20 P PINKS3611 - 20 P PINK

Rose Floral Short Sleeved Rash Top $21.95

Rose Floral Halter swimsuit $21.95

S3610 - 26 FLORALS3611 - 26 FLORAL


Bloom All-in-one Rash Suit $24.95

Bloom Halter Swimsuit $$21.95

S3612 - 41 YELLOWS3611 - 41 YELLOW

Sunshine Floral Short Sleeved Rash Top $21.95

Sunshine Floral Halter swimsuit $21.95

Nautical in swimwear has a more tradition feel. Wide or narrow stripes of white with either navy or red and a combination of spots teamed with stripes for a chic look.

S3612 - 33 NAVYS3613 - 33 NAVY (FRONT)

Sailor Girl Rash Top $21.95

Sailor Girl Frill Swim Nappy $19.95

S3614 - 33 NAVY S3611 - 33 NAVY (FRONT)

Sailor Girl Long Sleeve Frill Rash Top $24.94

Sailor Girl Halter Swimsuit $$21.95
S3604 - 35 BLUE STRIPE  S3610 - 33 NAVY       

Sailor Boy Long Sleeve Rash Top $24.95

Sailor Girl All-in-one $24.95

For kid’s hats go for some thing with a wide brim or legionnaires as they offer great protection. Do not forget colourful fun sunglasses to protect the little ones precious eyes!

S3605 - 45 MULTIS3615 - 33

Hawaiian Stripe Legionnaires Hat $19.95

Sailor Girl Legionnaires Hat $19.95

Plum Swimwear is available in sizes 000-7 years.

Eugenie Pepper