Eugenie Pepper is the mother of Tommy, 5 years and Chloe, 4 years. Together with her husband Shane, they own Plum; a gorgeous baby and kids fashion line. Eugenie has always loved design, fashion, textiles and art. From the design process from the initial ideas, the image boards and concept sketches to seeing the final product, she loves what she does.

Being parents has be inspirational for Eugenie and Shane. When Tommy was born they decided to start producing baby sleeping bags. When the kids were little they found it hard to find fashionable swimwear and kids sleepwear that was practical and affordable.

Eugenie and Shane had a few set back when they first tried to have children and always wanted to give back to SIDS and Kids. Plum is in partnership with SIDS and Kids and a percentage of Plum sales always goes toward supporting SIDS and Kids.

Eugenie studied design at university and prior to working in the family business she worked as an interior designer and textile designer. With a business partner she also owned a gallery in Paddington, Astro where they held art and design exhibitions as well as fashion events. Eugenie also lived in New York where she curated exhibitions for emerging Australian artists whilst working with the Australian consulate.

Eugenie’s time is now divided between her family and the business and she manages to have a pretty good work/life balance. She has a huge amount of fun with her kids and loves encouraging them to be creative. As a family they love doing arty projects together and both Tommy and Chloe love helping her cook. They are both are very active, high energy kids and both are sporty  – which they get from their dad!

Eugenie Pepper - PLUM

We sat down with mother hen Eugenie Pepper to talk about her love for kid’s fashion, Dorothy the Dinosaur and that time her kids decided to decorate the house (and themselves) with black marker pen.

How many kids do you have? Tell us a bit about them! 

I have 2 kids. Tommy is 5 years old and Chloe (who prefers to be called Coco) is 4 years old. Coco is my little fashionista. From a young age my kids were very different. Tommy dresses for comfort and it is a challenge to get him into anything other than trackies or board shorts, however Coco will try on 3 or 4 outfits before we head out the door – both are exhausting.

What is your favorite kids fashion destination?

Anywhere that sells Plum of course!

What’s one thing they don’t tell you about when you’re pregnant?

That young kids have so much attitude… I thought I would get it from them as teenagers, but not this young. “Mummy please don’t sing you have a really bad voice…!”

Dora the Explorer, In the Midnight Garden or Playschool?

Dora the Explorer, but my kids’ big favorite is Dorothy the Dinosaur. Because of Plum’s association with SIDS and Kids, my kids have got to meet Dorothy a few times and have had a private photo shoot with her so they think they are special friends.

The time I most wanted to strangle my kid(s) was when…

Before I had children someone sent me a photo of a child covered in black marker pen. I thought it had to be a hoax! Now I know this is normal toddler behaviour; not only did they cover themselves with thick black marker pen they also did “artworks” on nearly every wall in the house with both crayon or marker pen!

What’s one thing NOT to do when you’re pregnant?

If you fall over and don’t call your doctor for a check up. I fell over late in my pregnancy and did not call my doctor until the following morning. I ended up having a distressed baby caused by a placental abruption. Thankfully baby Chloe was fine but it could have been very different. If in doubt call your doctor.

How does being a mother affect your style?

I don’t have time for fiddly things or things that are hard to iron. I like my clothes to be classic, comfortable, easy to throw together and look great.

What’s your ‘Super Mum’ talent?

Being able to pick my battles is my super talent. Also I am a good listener and empathic. I try to put myself in my kids shoes to understand how they are feeling. Also I am great at making cupcakes and muffins.

What’s the one thing you would change about being a mother/father?

I would have had children earlier if I had gotten the chance and had one more child.

If your kid(s) could have the wardrobe of one celebrity child, who would it be?

The Beckham kids must have a pretty good wardrobe or Prince George – he would have been sent the best from around the world.

Finish the sentence…

My kid(s) are happiest when they are wearing… Plum onesies and PJ’s.

Every mother/father needs…  More sleep

One thing I would say to new mothers is… Trust your intuition. Listen to the advice of others but only do what works for you

The items my kids wear the most are… Trackies for Tommy and tutus for Coco

The easiest way to entertain the kids in the car is… To get a car with a DVD player and make sure on long trips you remember to pack a few different DVDs

You can never have too many… Wipes

Being a mother is… The best thing I have ever done and the most challenging.

If I could wear whatever I wanted for an entire day, without being questioned, it would it be… I love 1950 fashion so I would were wear something that looked like it was from the wardrobe of Betty Draper from Mad Men.

Eugenie Pepper & Kids