Bathers Beach in Fremantle set the scene for an afternoon of frivolous fun for the 2015 Fashion Council WA Swim and Resort Series, where some of WA`s hottest swimwear designers along with undeniable kaftan queen Camilla, showcased their talents against the glorious Perth summer sunset.

Kicking off the event was the Independent Designer Runway, where bronzed babes walked the sand filled runway impeccably styled in what was the perfect blend of sun kissed and windswept.

Natalie Rolt opened in sneaky cut outs and her signature spaghetti straps designs combined with jumpsuits and wonderful maxis in soft silks that trailed in the breeze. Amore & Sorvete looked fresh in crisp whites and cheeky Brazilian cut bottoms for the more daring beach goer.

Looking positively effervescent was NU Swimwear with plenty of colour in the form of mix and match separates and off the shoulder numbers. Sporting a rainbow armor of Little Dove accessories, the models looking smoking behind their reflective sunnies and saucy smirks.

Gypsea had the tech edge with models parading the latest range of fashion headphones and bikins in colourful paint splotch patterns; contrasted against Rue Stiic’s leather look surf top with rib-caged back detailing.

PALM Swimwear opened their collection with a one piece stunner in a rich mulberry hue followed by alluring body suits with mesh cut aways. Whilst Bernice Sara’s, feminine and flirty collection saw models draped in delicate orchids, displaying an abundance of bright designs in block colour perfect for summer.

Ocean Zone added a touch of variety to the runway with their mens swimwear range, showcasing an assortment of board shorts in spectacular photographic prints.

The unquestionable stand out show for the evening however was Camilla. Debuting her latest collection entitled My Wandering Heart, golden beauties adorned in crowns, metallic tattoos and tinkling trinkets took to the runway for a  fierce finale of fashion.

Light weight maxis, kaftans and jumpsuits in glorious silks and exotic prints, together with serious swimsuits and playful childrens wear, paraded down the runway to the sounds of instrumental percussion providing the of element ethnic fusion.


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* Images by Ryan Ammon Photography.

With summer officially here, this years Swim and Resort Series provided plenty of  inspiration for the season ahead, posing the question… Are you bikini ready?

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