So MBFWA has wrapped up, leaving us inspired by the season’s undone but done hair dos. For me that inspiration lasted about 5 minutes, until I decided I didn’t have time to dry and curl my hair only to put it up into a messy pony. There are about a gazillion other things I’d rather be doing…which is why I was so inspired by Blake Lively’s interview with Marie Claire a little while ago. She gets that messy beach wave from tying her hair up in a ballerina bun…a simple ballerina bun. If Blake Lively can cheat her way to a salon finished look so can we. Here are 3 fashion week looks and 3 short cuts you can recreate at home.

The Messy Pony Tail at Lee Matthews

lee matthews

Renya Xydis created the messy bed head pony tail for the Lee Matthews show. We love how effortless it looks but also wanted it to be effortless to create. Our shortcut?

1. Shampoo and towel dry hair.

2. Blow dry your hair till it’s 70% dry.

3. Spritz your hair with some texturising spray and let your hair air dry, scrunching your hair from the roots till dry. If you have time, you might want to create more texture and depth with the Cloud Nine Waving Wand.

4. Gather hair at the nape of your neck into a loose pony tail and loosely secure with an elastic band.

5. Pull out a few wispy pieces for a messy look.

Messy Hair, Don’t Care at Ginger and Smart


The hair look, created by Renya Xydis, Wella Professionals Ambassador, at the Ginger and Smart SS15/16 show was effortless and chic. “It’s very modern and cool, it’s just an ‘it girl’ hairstyle – loose and down. When the girls walk, it’s like air is going through it. We’ve used a lot of Sebastian Drynamic, a dry shampoo, and the Wella Professionals Ocean Spritz Sea Salt Spray, and then we’ve finished the look off with a little bit of SP LuxeOil. We’re layering the products to make the hair look a little bit more textured and natural but quite simple and modern,” Renya Xydis, Wella Professionals Ambassador. Renya’s the pro so naturally, there were a series of steps to create this look. Here is the cliff’s notes version:

1. Start with freshly washed hair
2. Use a blow dry lotion like the Wella Professionals Perfect Setting Blow Dry Lotion and comb through a deep side part
3. Dry hair with a round brush straight but flip the ends to create a curl
4. If you have time, you can go over the curl with a wand. If not, spritz some sea salt spray (Wella Professionals Ocean Spritz Sea Salt Spray) into your hair and scrunch

The Wet (I just stepped out of the shower) Look at Ten Pieces

TenPieces edited

Ah this one was so easy, we didn’t need to create a shortcut for it.

1. Prep hair with a sea salt spray
2. Curl hair with the Cloud Nine Wand into large sections
3. Spritz hair with a hair oil to create that wet look. If you shudder at the idea, you can try coconut oil…which styles and conditions at the same time
4. Brush through
5. Twist hair and pin back. If you have short hair, just comb it back

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