BlackMilk x Lora Zombie: to dye for

Get ready to be hypnotised.

I WAS always a skeptic when it came to hypnotism. That was before I saw BlackMilk Clothing’s latest collaboration with the uber talented Lora Zombie._H6A5973The hypercolourful collection is hard to look away from, featuring 11 printed pieces featuring Zombie’s artworks, including two designs created exclusively for the partnership.

And let’s be honest … you won’t complain about being fixated. The collection is anything but boring._H6A6123 draft 7A6329_H6A6191 3BlackMilk Clothing founder and head designer, James Lillis, said the brand had a strong history of artist collaborations and that the collaboration with Zombie had been on his wish-list for some time.

“Lora’s artwork draws on a number of different influences – pop culture, animals, mythology and lots of bright colours mixed with a darker, edgier side,” he said.

“These influences have always been a huge part of BlackMilk’s culture as well, and we are very excited to bring her artwork to life.”_H6A60736123_H6A5929Zombie – a Russian-born artist – is renowned for her unique style. Blending pop culture iconography and  cartoon imagery with a touch grungy street elements, her work has turned heads across the globe

The self-professed BlackMilk Clothing fan said she jumped at the opportunity to collaborate with the brand.

“Around three years ago, I saw this amazing dress online with pills printed all over it, and immediately tried to find out where I could buy it,” she said.

“Once I found out it was BlackMilk, and saw all the other cool prints they had, I was hooked.”

Well, that makes two of us Lora._H6A6253Haven’t had enough of your BlackMilk fix yet? Check out the label’s hot new video on our Facebook page