We have entered an age of millennium shoppers. Shoppers that are overly sceptical of traditional advertising who opt for more for social media hype, hashtags and vblogging trends. Gone are the days where an ad in the latest Vogue would suffice.

Shoppers are now looking for niche: they don’t want to feel a label or a trend is being forced and we are evermore seeking authenticity and originality, whilst still remaining fashionable. The days of the wearing an entire Burberry outfit and being the height of style (circa Joan Collins) are also long gone.


This new era is creating much more technical disruption at our standard fashion weeks as we combine technology with fashion to continue to reach out to the changing marketplace.  Retail shops are also trying to quickly adapt to our hungry minds and are blending technology with fashion at an extraordinary rate. Is it distracting from the actual product though?

Uniqlo changed the space of shopping with its magic mirror. This intriguing bit of tech changes the colour of items you are trying on in the mirror, talks directly to your smart phone, and created YouTube hype at the same time.


ASOS have successfully tried interacting much more closely with the consumer by integrating Vine – asking shoppers to video the moment they open the parcel with their order.


Twitter and Apple have teamed up with Burberry for past fashion shows for #tweetwalk. Just recently the London Fashion show organisers stated: The aim is for London to be “the most tech-savvy fashion capital in the world,” according to British Fashion Council chairman Natalie Massenet, who paired up with Google’s U.K. sales director Peter Fitzgerald to launch the fashion week.

Topshop shared its collection with Facebook and Instagram shoppers prior to the coveted clothing even hitting the catwalk, and Cyborg artist Neil Harbisson was included in the event. What really makes us buy though? Is it all the social media hype and distrupting techno gimics or does is still come back to just a great outfit you feel good in?

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