If there’s something you’ve well and truly earned the right to do after 10 years of designing fabulous, whimsical fashion, it’s to throw a bang up birthday bash for you and all your friends!

And that’s exactly what alice McCALL did last night at the label’s new headquarters in Alexandria, Sydney.

The event was aptly titled ‘Wonderland’ and guests were treated to a dream world of escapism, filled with projection, lights and dance. It was a dark twist on Alice in Wonderland, and the party itself drew inspiration from the latest alice McCALL collection IN MY DREAMS WE WERE FLYING.


The creative director behind the event was Alex Zabotto-Bentley and his AZB Creative team, who transformed the warehouse space into a fantastical world of clouds, lights, mushrooms and a lot of rabbits!

The giant white, glowing bunny at the front of the building was the first sign that this was no ordinary do.

The small door leading down the rabbit hole was the next.

Waiters wearing rabbit masks served up champagne, sliders and bite size bloody mary’s in cherry tomatoes (truly!). The DJ’s played all night and the guest list was a mix of celebrities, stylists, media, friends and bloggers.


Dance rabbit dance!

Check out #aliceturns10 on Instagram for more pictures of the evening.AliceMcCallFeatureClockwise from top left: Light installation – A for Alice of course. Alice McCall on the right looking fabulous. Giant glowing bunny next to the DJ desk. Creative Director of the event, Alex Zabotto-Bentley taking a load off.

TomatoesDJFrom left to right: Bloody mary’s in cherry tomatoes, served by rabbit waiters. The light-tastic DJ desk.

MeRichFrom left to right: Going down the rabbit hole… (make sure you duck). Yours truly and my fabulous date for the night, Art Director, Richard Jensen getting into the spirit of things.

CrowdDrinksFrom left to right: The moment the crowd and photographers went crazy – Alice cutting the cake. One of several busy bars at the event.

BunnyEarsFrom left to right: One of the attentive rabbit waiters serving up blueberry sherbet in straws. The AZB Creative team channeling their inner bunny.

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