British icon Victoria Beckham, aged 41, showcased her cutting-edge Spring/ Summer 2016 designer collection at New York Fashion Week last weekend.

The businesswoman, fashion designer and former member of the ‘Spice Girls’ brought summer minimalism and fashion-forward trends into the spotlight while her family took front-row seats.


Long skirts, bold colour blocks and original patterns were flaunted along the runway, however the attention was taken away from designs and onto the particular models on exhibit. Critics have slammed Victoria Beckham for her selection of slender women with social media followers claiming it was a “show of skeletons”. Beckham has been criticised for her assortment of petite models, despite claiming her collection is aimed for all types of women.


The fashion industry is an ever-changing pasture of high-priced opinion, mid-length dresses and antagonised models. Model casting is a confronting reality for men and women across the globe. Essentially, a panel of who’s who pick and choose the ideal candidates they believe carry the potential to sell their label. Runway models must grow very thick skin. If they meet panel criteria, they often will be vilified by show spectators. If they are marked unsuccessful by the panel, they are labelled as not fulfilling entry requirements. In the modelling industry, the wish to impress everyone is an impossible task.


The slamming of designers and models is a relentless pursuit and it seems that the price of fashion always results with criticism in some form, whether it be the clothing or the models.

Regardless of the increased disapproval from an array of viewers and being accused of promoting “anorexia chic”, Victoria Beckham’s newest collection that was on display was essentially enviable. The former “Posh Spice” who predominantly wears black, made note that she isn’t one to dress in pattern, however she wanted to design a range that she would wear.


One twitter comment stated “All the models walking for Victoria Beckham’s collection look dead. ‪#eatsomechicken.”

Despite the criticism, VB brought a surfy-look to the stage, a surprising move from the generally “Posh Spice”.


Victoria Beckham commented on her new-look collection “This season was all about bringing a new approach that for me is fresh and liberating.”

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