Since sports luxe made activewear an acceptable fashion statement, there’s been an influx of workout gear combining the latest trends with workout functionality. Exercise gear has transitioned from solely practical, to effortlessly cool style for daily activities.

If we are honest with ourselves, we’ve all been “that girl” doing something unrelated to working out like shopping or having brunch… in our activewear. Who can be blamed for wearing their work out clothes when they are 10x more comfortable and probably more stylish than your average jeans and tee.

With summer sneaking up on us, it’s crunch time when it comes to reviving that bikini bod. If there’s one thing that can motivate an exercise regime… it’s brand new activewear. That feeling of fresh lycra squeezing it all in is encouragment alone – I think just wearing workout leggings makes you feel like you’ve lost a few kilos.

Whether you’re doing body pump or catching up with the girls, activewear is a wardrobe essential these days. No matter you’re style, mood, or if you just want to look like Kendall Jenner… this season’s activewear has your look covered.


There’s something empowering about a matching head-to-toe gym outfit. If there’s any (other) reason to hit the gym, it’s the satisfaction of working out in your colour coordinating activewear. They say fake it until you make it, and seriously sporty exercise gear gives the impression you’re a work out regular.

If you love this look, you’ll be able to get your hands on the Superdry Sport AW16 collection in stores and online from February 2016.


When models aren’t attending a glamorous event or strutting down the Victoria’s Secret runway, they’re living in their gym clothes.

There’s a new generation of IT-girls incorporating their favourite spandex into everyday outfits. Let’s all just admit we’re a little delighted tights have been made acceptable in public again. A new season of style and comfort has arrived.

Nail the off-duty look with stylish, sporty kicks and a hide-me-from-the-paparazzi cap.


This season brings an eclectic range of prints, perfect for making a statement or just brightening up your style. As well as generally being fun to wear, the right vibrant pattern can work to flatter your figure.


If there’s anytime to wear statement clothes (besides to bed) it’s for exercising. Like a personal trainer, statement activewear gives you that little push to work it, girl.


Putting on your sweats is no longer associated with those lazy, off-duty days. Wearing sweats is a look in itself, with elastic waistbands, draw strings and comfy grey marle fabrics trending in the likes of  WitcheryCountry Road and Bassike.

Feature image: L’urv Activewear

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