Each year The Fleet Shop in Qld’s QUT gardens campus showcases the years double degree students (business and fashion) best wares from their final years’ worth of study. The busy team of students run everything from buying to marketing for the annual event. The Fleet Store, now in it’s fourth year, has just had a very successful opening night and garnered interest from the local industry and shoppers alike.

This year has shown many new trends launching into 3D Printing and digital cutting – cutting edge techniques which are leading the way in the fashion world. What has been most interesting from this years students is their developed social consciousness and commitment.

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Sustainability has been a big buzz word of recent, and this year’s Fleet Store has really decided to do something about it. We are seeing more and more fashion labels with social conscious becoming successful really touching the savvy fashion / social conscious shopper. There are the individual brands represented at the Fleet Store that are choosing to donate half the funds to a cause of their choice calling it “purchase with a purpose”. Then there is also the entire team behind the Fleet Store who have teamed up with About Brisbane Youth Service for a 24 hour sew-a-thon making knickers for local homeless and vulnerable women.


The team from QUT set out to pattern, cut and sew the knickers with a goal to make 100 pairs in 12 hours. With all the textiles and packaging donated, it is the manual labour time of the students putting in to get the pairs completed in time.   Whilst yes an order could have just been placed to have had these made no doubt at a cheaper labour cost offshore, this event is living proof that the emerging talent cares more about sustainability than what could have been a simple fund raise. Good work team Fleet Store.

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