Mercedes-Benz-Fasion-Festival Brisbane 2015. The official program complete, but the buzz still well and truly alive after what was a week of fabulous fashion from both emerging and seasoned designers.
A night that stood out for the team, no doubt the Group Show on Thursday with a special invitation from Sacha Drake to attend the show and celebrations pre and post show. Having been with the festival for 10 years, this milestone event was a significant one with loyal customers making up a part of the guest list alongside Sacha’s team and some of Brisbane’s most successful fashion bloggers who have been aligned with and long term partners with the brand, including Nikki Parkinson-Hubbard from Styling You, Alex from What the teacher Wears and the fabulous Champagne Cartel duo, Gillian Moody and Carolyn Tate. Also on the guest list, Lorna Jane Clarkson and high profile stylist and Editor, Laura Churchill, Sacha’s very stylish entourage were seated up front and centre on the runway, and her show did not disappoint, from classic shapes and silhouettes, Sacha’s designs celebrates the form of a woman, her collection highly anticipated and clearly a crowd favourite on the night.

From Summer’s whites, to classic nautical stripes, free flowing floral maxi’s and this season’s must have midi length skirts, Sacha’s collection was a true celebration of all things that go “swish” in the summer.


Not only were we spoilt with style, Sacha ensured that her runway show was injected with a some memorable moments including the coveted Runaway Maxi Skirt illuminating the runway with fairly lights and a hand painted graffiti styled’ thank you for the grand finale – How fun!


This is Sacha Drake at her best, succeeding in the fashion industry by doing it her way.
Congratulations Sacha on a stellar collection and a stellar 10 years. We can’t wait to see what’s next. One thing we know for sure, it will be nothing less than chic xo
Jenni Sellan
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