Ever wondered how those in fashion can afford to buy high end designer? Well my fashionista friends I’m about to let you in on an online shopping secret called SHOPSTYLE!


Shopstyle is the online tool to locating those Jimmy Choo heels you saw in the latest Vogue magazine or that amazing leather jacket Lara Bingle was wearing at fashion week.

Never before has it been so easy to find amazing products from all over the world that can arrive at your door with a simple click of a button. Whether it be searching by brand, colour or price Shopstyle can locate that item you have been drooling over while giving you multiple locations to shop at varied prices.

Another function that helps feed the shopping addiction are the alert emails that pop into my inbox each morning with my favourite brands I have specifically saved under my account. Not the ideal situation when you are meant to be saving your money for the weekly grocery shop by hey as Carrie Bradshaw quoted “when i had barely enough money for food, i used to buy VOGUE because i felt it fed me more!”

Screen shot 2013-04-08 at 10.12.26 AM

The third and final function of this amazing online site is the individual alerts. Say you locate that Camilla and Marc jacket you have been eyeing off in the fashion boutique down the road but just can’t afford to pay full price. Set up an alert which will drop you an email exactly when the jacket goes on sale. This not only allows you to save but it also alerts you before those savvy shoppers have gotten wind there is a sale on.

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