Streetwear is a style that started in the 70’s; a mixture of hip hop, surf and skate cultures with the Japanese street fashion born in Los Angeles. This style takes common pieces like T-shirts, jackets and caps and gives them a new identity using logos and other graphic elements. Brands like Stussy and Supreme started selling clothes in the trunk of a car and became successful businesses recognized worldwide. However, street and fashion rarely mixed, and streetwear still represented a specific part of the society.


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Recently a new generation of streetwear has been reaching the highest standards of fashion. Looking to sell an identity and specific message rather than just clothes, this new kind of streetwear sets apart from their predecessors by making their customers identify with them; a community of designers and creative minds that share a passion for music and fashion; taking elements from the past and creating new ideas with them.

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Some of these brands explore their identity in terms of genre presenting pieces that can be worn by men or women. With very avant gard silhouettes, Hood By Air is probably the one that has stood up and reached the highest levels in the industry, showing their collections in Paris and New York in the Museum of Modern Art, mixing their clothes with visual and musical effects.



But latinamerica has its own take on this trend, Andres Jimenez, creator and designer at MANCANDY, tries to develop its personal style with collections created for people that are not afraid to experiment with androgynous lines.



Other brands, instead, are experimenting with prints and graphic design. Taking iconography from different cultures, Marcelo Burlon, creative director at County Of Milan, creates its own symbology and identity. Getting his inspiration from music and art, he produces his designs as the expression of a specific moment.



French brand ELEVENPARIS travels the world and the internet in search of what makes the ultimate “cool” T-shirt. With indie music references and minimalist style they want you to feel comfortable with your city and your clothes designing the urban silouhette they are known for.



This new kind of streetwear is designed not to belong to some urban culture, to make you look like one of them, but it aims to develop the personal style of each customer. It is about the buyer identifying with a certain style and making it their own, allowing creativity to flow and creating the amazing world that is street fashion.
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