As Fashion Forward Season 5, commences this Friday the fashion community is all ‘abuzz’, about many a thing. What fabulous piece will the local fashionista’s be sporting, what couture  haute-confections will couturier Furne-Amato showcase this season, and perhaps more tantalizingly- what will the first collection by local brand House of Nomad be like?

The brand, ‘H.O.N’, was founded by Ahmed El-Sayed & Saleh Al-Banna, two creative individuals whose common goal lead to a partnership that would create a now, local favorite. House Of Nomad, is as the name implies and the brand states-  ‘a ‘wanderer with no geographic boundaries’, a traveller, an individual, a person who lives in perpetual motion from one dwelling to another’.

ahamadabbas (495x640)

This brand ethos, set the perfect groundwork for a region bursting with a cultural diversity, Dubai is literally a divine mosaic of people, and quite often we all feel a sense of ‘nomadism’. That being said, what originally started with basics, interlocked with the founders heritage calligraphy has now grown to be a full-blown business. The new collection for S/S15,  features neoprene ball skirts in ice beige, preppy-blanket jacket’s in chromatic black and ivory white, aswell as royal blue varsity jacket’s. The mood of athleticism is prevalent, the modernity-crystal clear and the minimalism -refreshing.  But, perhaps what is more prevalent about the brand, is it’s pulse, it’s heart which in this case are the co-founders.


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The brand emanates a reality, so vivid it’s quite hard to ignore, a outer-glow that speaks of a dream accomplished. For those that follow the designers on their individual social media platforms, it’s hard to not feel their gravitational pull, a youthful exuberance that is latched onto their persona’s much like, their brands. And, that is their success. Passion takes center stage to business, talent plays the lead with no sign of social status. These are designers.intro22 (640x465)

inrooo (640x465)

In closing, their presentation for Fall 15/16 during this season of FFWDXB, will surely  be the most celebrated not only because of their minimalist approach to luxury RTW, in a region blazing with ‘excess’ fashion, but because of their firm belief  in their constant pursuit of success and brand betterment. Expect clean lines, mod-sport silhouette’s and a mineralized color palette.

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