I always love to collaborate with my fellow fashion co-conspirators. This time it was with Cissy Zhang, The Girl in the Bunny Ears (@girlinthebunnyears), whom I was lucky enough be invited to head out to Centennial Park and Oxford Street to spend an afternoon with a bag of classy designer-wear and my trusty camera, a.k.a a fashion shoot.

Cissy and I had worked together before, but that was over a year ago so we started the shoot slow, having a chat just at the edge of the park. however, we realised we did need to be quick because it was already late afternoon, so this lead to Cissy taking me to a growth of purple flowers which she really loved and were quite pretty, but in true edgy fashion form, it was actually lantana! Then in true ‘artistic’ photographer form I (quite meanly) insisted that Cissy climb into it for some impact and colour in our images (sorry Cissy).
We kept close to this area, heading over to the old Anglican church, then the residential streets and played with the great collection of clothes that Cissy had brought. I asked Cissy if she could give me a quick run down on what she does, and what we were doing, this is what she had to say.

About The Girl in the Bunny Ears:
The Girl in the Bunny Ears is my blogging persona. She is an explorer and a dreamer. My goal has always been to inspire people to create a life full of quality and beauty. I want to take my blog visitors away from their hectic lives and inspire them to surround themselves with endless possibilities. During my shoot with Mike, we were looking to create an atmosphere that took people into the location of the photo. Although I am a fashion blogger, my photos are not just about clothes. They are about great photography, great scenery and creating an atmosphere you can escape into. Enjoy.
Necklace from Happiness Boutique
Top from myspringfling
Shorts from Chase
Shoes from Verali
Sunglasses from ASOS

CissyZhang_GirlInTheBunnyEars_CentennialPark&Paddinton-046 CissyZhang_GirlInTheBunnyEars_CentennialPark&Paddinton-048 CissyZhang_GirlInTheBunnyEars_CentennialPark&Paddinton-079


Jumper from Innovare
Skirt from Style Moi
Shoes from Verali

CissyZhang_GirlInTheBunnyEars_CentennialPark&Paddinton-117 CissyZhang_GirlInTheBunnyEars_CentennialPark&Paddinton-141

Coat from Style Moi
Bag from Chanel
Shoes from Verali

CissyZhang_GirlInTheBunnyEars_CentennialPark&Paddinton-175 CissyZhang_GirlInTheBunnyEars_CentennialPark&Paddinton-181CissyZhang_GirlInTheBunnyEars_CentennialPark&Paddinton-014-2

Keep up to date with Cissy at:

Instagram: @girlinthebunnyears


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