YOU MAY remember reading our piece Found: The Perfect Tee where we gushed over the basics brand, Frances Hendrie. Well, because we like to get up close and personal with our favourite designers, we decided we’d sit down with the girl who put an end to your search for the ultimate wardrobe essential, Rebel Cavallucci.

Grab yourself a coffee and take five on us to discover why we are crushing on Brisbane’s very own #coolgirl; what she can’t live without and the store where it all began.

Stylehunter:  Tell us about the Frances Hendrie story so far …

Rebel Cavallucci:  Frances Hendrie started six months ago now from a love for tee shirts. The concept was created because I wanted to find the perfect tee-shirt for every occasion. We are continuing to play with new styles, colours and fabrics to keep the range evolving.

SH: What are the unique qualities and characteristics that set your designs apart

RC: Our tee shirts are all made from organic fabrics and created in factories that really focus on reducing as much harm to the environment as possible.
As a brand, we are creating exciting new campaigns every few months to show our followers that your FH tee is a staple that can be worn no matter what your style.

SH: What’s the best piece of advice you have been given on your design journey

RC: That things don’t happen overnight; to believe in what you are doing and never lose focus of why you started your journey in the first place.

SH: Tell us a little about the Calexico boutique

RC: My sister Nicky had a vision to bring labels that had previously been unobtainable here in Brisbane to her store. We have travelled to Paris, Milan and New York picking our favourite pieces from some amazing brands around the world. We work together every day doing something we both love. My sister has the creative flair and I am a little more on the operations side. Between the two of us, we have a great mix of style. It was here I discovered that I loved the simplicity in how something so basic can make up the majority of your wardrobe. Every label produces a form of a basics range, and just when you found the perfect tee, it changed in some way for the following season. Frances Hendrie was then born!

SH:  What’s next in your design journey?

RC: Everything! We would love to keep expanding and creating new exciting products. Printed graphic tees are a something we are exploring and we are expanding a little into underwear in the near future as well – keep watching! I keep getting told I need to do a men’s and kids range..

SH: Who is the quintessential Frances Hendrie customer?

RC: I’ve always said that the FH girl can be anyone, she is confident and comfortable in herself and her style. It’s so nice to see our clients wearing their shirts in their own ways at #franceshendrie

SH: What are the most rewarding and challenging aspects of running your own business?

RC: The most rewarding is definitely hearing people say how much they love FH and how they wear it everyday! We love getting feedback from clients and ideas for new styles. Starting your own business certainly has its self doubting moments and challenges but right now the positives are well worth it!

SH: Who have been your greatest ‘cheer-leaders’ along the way?

RC: My husband sits beside me every night as I work away on the computer and puts up with the millions of questions I ask him about everything! I have a really supportive family and group of friends, and they all love tee shirts so they are great when it comes to testing the tees!

SH: What has been the biggest “pinch yourself” moment in your journey so far

RC:  It’s hard to pick one, as the brand keeps evolving and really exciting things keep happening. As were so new each ‘first’ we encounter is a ‘pinch yourself’ moment. I do have to say that first online sale was very exciting for us!

 Ok, time for your Stylehunter speed date: 

SH: What is your favourite indulgence?

RC:  Right now – peanut butter toast

SH: What is your favourite ‘go to’ outfit?

RC: Blue jeans, white FH tee and sneakers

SH: What has been your most extravagant purchase?

RC: Bags – a bag can change your entire look

SH: What is your favourite holiday destination?

RC: Any location with snow or surf

SH: Where is your favourite place for a quiet beverage?

RC: At home on the balcony or Gerard’s Bar in New Farm.

SH:  What can’t you live without?

RC: Laughter – makes everything so much better

SH: Who is your favourite designer?

RC:  Rag & Bone – i love their direction and their branding

SH: Style crush?

RC: Margot Robbie

SH: How would you describe your signature style?

RC: Casual and always wearing sneakers

SH: Lip gloss or lipstick

RC:  Lip gloss always

SH: Saturday night.. in or out?

RC:  Love a Saturday night in with friends, good food and wine!