In the beginning there was New York; Fashion Week’s first stop for Fall.

The week that commences a month of fashion across the globe; next stop, London, then Paris and last but certainly not least Milan, for the season’s final backdrop and grand finale, wrapping up 4 weeks of front row whispers, extravagant designs, street style spectacular and backstage shenanigans.

Yes it’s that time of year again when we cast our eyes over the runways but its’ the streets of our favourite cities that many of us drawn to and first up, it’s New York.
With so many events and stylish ensembles on display, the streets are exhilarating, with style on show in all of it’s splendor wherever you turn. It’s the place where styling a corset over a jumper is a thing, no oversized proportion is considered too extreme & what might normally be considered outrageous completely acceptable.


So far, the street style captured has been like flicking through a walking editorial; the pages unsurprisingly filled with inspired prints, texture and bold colour combinations. But for as much explosion of colour, there has been no denying the presence of the neutral palette; creams, rich caramel tones, black and navy in clean lines and time honoured cuts; a return to the classics for the new season certainly not to be overlooked.

The Fall 2016 collections are here and so far it has been nothing less than a fashionable feast both on and off the runway. Kayne West may have captured an audience of thousands inside, but it’s the street style that will provide you with continual inspiration as the fashion set interpret the trends from the runway to the real way. Maybe this season you will be inspired by the classics, maybe you will take the opportunity to elevate your personal style to a whole new level by embracing the bold, but either way, stay tuned, I have a feeling the best is yet to come.

Jenni Sellan
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