Scarves are big this winter. Both physically and in popularity. I’m talking about the blanket scarf.

Thick and oversized, the blanket scarf can be thrown over shoulders serving as a cape-esque like garment. Warm, cosy and effortlessly hot, the blanket scarf oozes ease. Thrown over casual jeans, this scarf will liven up any outfit.

The blanket scarf falls neatly into the new style of ‘Normcore’, the style which opts for a low key look and embraces neutral blandness and understated garments as it rejects anything highly distinctive or descript.  The long trusted and staple accessory, the scarf is accepted and has been largely reinvigorated through this fashion evolution. Be careful though, normcore should not be regarded as a trend, as essentially it negates anything to do with ‘trends’.

The best aspect about the blanket scarf is when you’re struggling to find the right top it disguise all that’s underneath! The other positive, one size fits all. Usually draped around the front of the body, the blanket scarf can also be knotted, framing the face and also can be left completely hanging to the ground. Don’t be afraid to play around the different options, essentially there is no right or wrong.

The blanket scarf was influential throughout many International Autumn/Winter runway collections earlier this year.  Particularly the Chanel A/W Wild West themed runway show in Texas  which saw many printed blanket scarfs draping just off the shoulder, gathering at the elbow and falling straight to the floor. The trend was also seen at Chloe’s A/W collection in New York.










Earthy tones are preferable, think greys and browns and also subtle monochrome prints.  Get draping and warm up with the blanket scarf this winter!
Libby Hutton Melbourne Insider

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