It’s been a quiet few weeks here in Dubai, as summer sets in and the glitterati jet off to exotic locations, the cruise collections launch, the average man returns to the hum-drum of work and brides-to be are all a flutter. Yes, this post is about weddings, or more importantly a boutique catering to the finest in luxury wedding dresses.

Bliss Monique Lhuillier 1514 (427x640)

Esposa boutique, celebrated it’s new boutique opening in none other than the swiftly-trending YAS MALL in Abu-Dhabi. The brand, whose boutiques are also present  in Sao Paulo, Beirut and Dubai, are catering to the modern bride who’s penchant for exclusivity, refinement and the highest form of luxury couture no ‘NO BOUNDS’.

As we arrived in stretch limo’s at the venue, and entered the store it was clear to see that ESPOSA is a family affair. There is love in the air, perhaps it was the layers of silk-tulle, or the ginormous ruffles that threatened to envelope one in a cascading swirl of emotions, but there was definitely love there. The range of designers held at the boutique range from the master Oscar de-la Renta, to Carlonia Herrera, Marchesa and the ever-serene Monique Lhuillier also included are exclusive gown by Lazaro Enzoani, La Sposa and of course special couture dresses from the boutique itself, carefully crafted by a Haute-Couture team in Beirut.

One would think with the selection of high-end names on offer, Esposa would be an instant success. However they’ve taken it one layer over with the offering of a ‘made to measure’ service to ensure that the brides dreams are realized to the fullest. This service comes with an extended team of designers, tailors ad bridal consultants that will ensure the only thing you have to ponder about on your wedding day- is your other half!

Set in a creamy pastel interior, the boutique also offers a variety of dresses for bridesmaids, flower girls as well as extended array of shoe-designers and wedding accessories, all hand-picked from fashion capitals across the globe.(All items pictured below are carried by  Esposa boutique)

Bliss Monique Lhuillier 1518 (457x640)

Monique Lhuillier Moonfalllit (427x640)

(Above- Monique Lhuillier Dresses for Spring/Fall 2015, and below Carolina Herrera- present at Esposa)

Carolina Herrera DAGMA BACKfall (495x640)

(Carolina Herrera, Spring 2015 below)


Bridal Fashion Week, Carolina Herrera, Spring 2015

(Oscar de-la Renta has a unmistakable flare, as seen below)

Oscar de la Renta 66E22 – CARMEN (427x640) Savina Deluca - TIFFANY (463x640) Marchesa B12401 (431x640)

(Above- Marchesa and below Lazaro)

Lazaro 3450. (427x640)

La Sposa ELBIA-B (479x640)

(Above- A La Sposa gowns hit’s all the right classic notes, as does the interior of the Esposa boutique below)

ESPOSA YAS MALL 3 (640x426)

In short ESPOSA is a boutique that guarantees a bride her ‘dream dress’, for the most part the boutique was devoid of the usual ‘overly crystallized’ dresses and seemed to opt fr beautiful shapes, combined with luxurious fabrics and rich color tones. There were even some dresses that seemed to evoke the 20’s. It’s all in that eye-for-detail, which Esposa has beautifully mastered. One of our favorites, was the giant fuchsia-red dress that was on display at the store window-a show stopper! Esposa is located at Villa 2, Wasl Road, Jumeirah 1, Dubai an Yas Mall, Abu Dhabi.

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