TO showcase your label at New York Fashion Week is to be courageous and confident in your vision.
Designers travel from across the globe to present pieces they have envisioned for months – sometimes years – and have spent many a sleepless night perfecting every single detail.
During a week where the world’s eyes are set on New York’s runways, it’s essential for designers to make sure their label stands out from the crowd.
One Australian designer who has done just that is Perth creative Mauricio Alpizar.

Showcasing his Spring/Summer ’15/’16 collection – titled ‘Australia’ – as part of Fashion Palette’s Australian lineup, Mauricio’s label included three hand-painted gowns by Broome artist Rebekah Treacy.
“New York Fashion week has been a beautiful journey,” Mauricio said.
“I have (had an) amazing experience collaborating with Rebekah.”
The three gowns hit the runway with style and individuality and were instantly recognisable as being representative of Australia’s outback.

Burnt orange dominated the collection and painted Australia’s Indigenous heritage in a high fashion tone.

Rebekah described her excitement to work with Mauricio’s label online in the lead-up to NYFW.

“I created three acrylic paintings that were then transferred digitally on fabric for the Spring/Summer collection,” she wrote.
“The overall theme running throughout each of the design is Connection.
“I explore the connection that people have with the land and sea, with each other and overall the historical events that have shaped the unique town of Broome.”

Rebekah noted how the opportunity had allowed her to not only raise her own profile in the international arts community, but also that of Australia’s Indigenous creative industry.
The collaboration was part of the work Mauricio was involved in with the Dreamtime Project’s Fashionably Empowered program, which is designed to empower young Indigenous women through fashion.
“My mission is to teach my (customers) to see fashion on a different level,” Mauricio said.
“As designers we need to educated our costumers.”
And educate he did.
The eye-catching designs complemented his new line where Japanese kimono-inspired pieces blended with styles that had a distinct ’70’s feel.

All pieces were connected by vibrant colours which were specifically chosen to represent Australia’s outback and ocean.

The showcase stood out as one that was created with deep motive and passion, all designed to tell as story.

For someone who was born in Costa Rica, Mauricio is certainly an Australia patriot at heart.
“Australia was a dream (of mine) … a place I always want it to go,” Mauricio said.
“I remember watching for the first time (the movie) Grease and totally falling in love with Olivia Newton-John.”
Olivia’s famous performance in the 1978 film inspired Mauricio so much that he recreated the pants she wore for a design project.
A successful dancer and choreographer at the time, Mauricio started his Australian journey pursuing further success in these fields, before his passion for dance turned to fashion.
Between 2010 and 2011 Mauricio worked on the label Gossip Couture which saw great success in Sydney and began to draw attention from international fans.
But, despite it’s rising reputation, Mauricio was determined to step out and create his own, self-titled label, and a short time later Mauricio Alpizar was born.
The Mauricio Alpizar brand represents a refined and sophisticated style but it’s his attention to detail which makes his creations truly unique.
“I believe (there) is a great connection with dance and fashion,” Mauricio said.
“I love creating and designing garments that have history and movement … I guess that comes from (my) dance experience.”

A true creative, Mauricio said he is inspired by many things and often seeks solitude to allow his visions to come to life.
“My inspirations come from many places … (they) can be from a moment in time or just a simple art piece.
“(Twice) a year I go to a very remote place with no distractions and create my collections.”
He said he was particularly proud of his Spring/Summer collection and the collaboration he was able to have with Rebekah.
“I have created a collection (which) will showcase a piece of history (within) our indigenous country,” he said.
“Thats why I … chose to show (with) Fashion Palette as I believe this collection needed to be showing next to other Australian designers.”
Passionate about using nothing but the best when it comes to fabrics, Mauricio Alpizar’s line was not only colourful and representative of Australian culture, but it’s quality and edgy demeanour ensured he ignited interest from the international crowd in the Big Apple.

“My experience in New York (was) fantastic,” he said.

Having met with buyers, stylists and potential new clients, Mauricio said he had experienced an overwhelming response to his ‘Australia’ collection.

It seems that while Mauricio is proud to call Australia home, some of his beloved pieces might just be calling American stores ‘home’ very soon.

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