There is nothing more refined than the CH Silhouette. The iconic white crispshirt with stand-out collar and a ball skirt. A true fashion statement, and an inspiration to millions of women, fashion icons and editors across the globe. We take a look at the latest CH Carolina Herrera F/W15 Collection to bring you a closer review of what exactly makes this particular brand so supremely chic.

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Let’s start out with a little examination of it’s creator and founder herself Carolina Herrera, who recently graced the fashion masses of Dubai for a new fragrance launch. The woman behind the label, is it’s best advertisement. Perfectly coiffed hair, crease less shirts and immaculate dresses all oozing a magnificent sense of style and perfection. The brand is therefore, the purest form of self-reflection of it’s designer, a consistently stylish reminder of the famous words of Yves Saint Laurent ‘Fashions Fade, but STYLE is eternal’.

The brand continues to create pieces that do not adhere to trend, rather a lifestyle, enabling the wearer to channel themselves. A step-away from the loudly trending items of the catwalks today, the CH brand is first and always about elegance. That being said, it’s collection of pieces for F/W15 is nothing but pure refinement. A supple gathered leather pant that flows like silk, a panelled lace frock, a muted cheetah frock coat and distressed tweed-panelled overcoat. All in deepest shades of winter, supple grey, cherry red, an enigmatic story of undying elegance. The collection offered some undeniably stand-out pieces such as a floor length Coat in Camel, frock coats in Jaquard and a supremely beautiful Sahara-Coat with black fur.

CH_woman_look_FW15_47 (427x640) CH_woman_look_FW15_29 (427x640) CH_woman_look_FW15_06 (427x640) CH_woman_look_FW15_04 (427x640) CH_woman_look_FW15_03 (427x640) CH_woman_look_FW15_02 (427x640) CH_woman_look_FW15_10 (427x640) CH_woman_look_FW15_11 (427x640) CH_woman_look_FW15_44 (427x640) CH_woman_look_FW15_48 (427x640) CH_woman_look_FW15_51 (427x640)

The entire collection, addresses an important issue and serves as a constant reminder  that in this world of fast-fashion, and ‘minute trends’, true elegance much like personal style- never goes out of fashion.

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