Jan Arnold is a visionary. The visionary behind the renowned nailcare label CND which is now a household name. When asked about the secret of her success she has a simple mantra ‘Dream BIG’-‘Big Ideas,big impact,  big successes and big passion. Thus, we arrive at the helm of the CND Nailfiles, to discover what the brand (and Jan) have in store for us this spring.


Make no mistake, this is by no means one of those ‘hash-away’ companies, and by that I mean. Jan, is by no means a woman who’s relation to the brilliant dentist and organic chemist Dr. Stuart Nordstrom, caused her to simply invest in launching a beauty label, for name’s sake. No, on listening to Jan speak about CND during our private session, it’s clear that  the brands success is due completely to the visionary that sat before me. Jan’s perception of the nailcare industry is one that far surpasses any basic knowledge on nail-care, in fact sit with her for an hour and you’ll never look at nails the same way again!

As Jan aptly put it, ‘CND is  based on the science behind our nails’, we take time to analyse the root of all problems such as chipping nails, brittle nails and cracking nails to truly provide our customers with a beneficial product. In addition to launching the new shades for Spring, Jan’s company also provides an excellent combination of nail-healing and rejuvenating products that are sold at CND Stores worldwide.

For Spring, it’s only natural that the brand be inspired by the truly organic, the two concepts ‘Flora and  Fauna’ and Garden Muse are both a innovative approach to color tones. The first, being inspired by the watercolor impressions of luminous landscapes and the second inspired by a bold garden of memories, (70’s throwback perhaps?) a floral explosion of vibrant contemporary new shades with names like ‘Beckoning Begonia, and Wisteria haze’, what’s not to love? The company is also launching a new product called the RESCUERXX, which is a product involving the treatment of chipping nails, infused with rejuvenating properties of Keratin. If all that wasn’t impressive enough Jan’s shrewd business acumen is the reason we have such a great focus on the beauty looks so prevalent in runway shows today. Jan mentions the late Oscar De La Renta, questioning her first approach, but also being one of the first to recognize it’s importance  ‘Decorate the nails? he said ‘Yes, do It!’. And now, CND continues to emphasize the importance of fashion through major work for huge brands such as Carolina Herrera and BCBG, in New York alone.

GardenMuseLineupShellac-FN (640x320) GardenLineup_Vinylux (640x356)

Above the Garden  Muse Collection, in explosively botanical naturalist tones and below the Flora and Fauna Lineup’, in modernist shades.

AFloraLineup_Shellac (640x331)

In closing, suffice to say with the millions of faceless beautybrands out there today, that operate on a numbed commercial basis.It’s refreshing to see a woman like Jan Anderson, who is truly a intellectual, creative and driven women driving her business forward not only inspired by her drive to ‘dream big’ for herself and her company.But, actually inspired by her field of work, and that right there is what makes CND a standout product!
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