DENIM HAS always been a wardrobe staple, and it’s about the only item in your wardrobe which will never date (unless you’re anything like my 13-year-old self who used to own a pair of glittery flare denim jeans with butterflies embroidered on them … that dated).

However, generally speaking, denim is a foolproof and dependable investment we all go for (season after season).Daum_Screenshot_2015-01-19_18-30-27Versatility is a big part of why denim is such a key player in our wardrobes. What else can you safely pair with literally any colour and texture of your choosing? What else will flatter any and all shapes and sizes? Denim is a definite must-have, but there’s one particular denim trend that we are all over this season, and insist that you try: the cropped denim.419341086You’d have seen cropped denim featured amongst the glossy pages of any good fashion magazine and – for us – it was love at first sight. Our faves are skinny and boyfriend style (is there really any others?)

The crop gives the denim an instant refresh transforming it into a modern, chic look as well as elongating your legs (um, yes please!).ankleIf you’re in the market for a new pair of denim jeans (or weren’t, but could be convinced) you’ve got about a billion styles to choose from. Okay, we may be over exaggerating just a tad … but they are everywhere.

Frayed crop jeans are one way to give a little edge to your outfit. In fact, frayed jeans are huge this season – whether cropped or not.liebZTvFnD1LgIf fray is a little too much, opt for a clean cut crop. It will give a more sleek, chic feel, and allow you to play on accessories (trust us when we say, your frayed jeans will speak loud enough on their own).

Whichever style is for you, there is no shortage of them going around. Ksubi, One Teaspoon and Nobody have some cool pairs, and stores including The Iconic and ASOS have loads to choose from too.

If you are pinching yourself because you really can’t be spending more money this week on clothes, fear not! Go grab a pair of jeans from your wardrobe, roll em’ up and wa-lah! You’ve got yourself some cropped jeans instantly (#winning!).

We can’t wait to see you denim-daredevils on the streets this summer.