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There is something to be said for consistency in the fashion industry. A brand that is able to maintain the fundamental style that makes it unique, while still staying current and on trend from season to season is hard to find and even harder to find done well.
Kate Spade is one designer that does it well. Intrinsically feminine, quintessentially New York and ultimately just extremely cute, her style never really dates, taking only the most timeless cues from upcoming trends to remain on point without compromising the overall brand ethos.
Having started the ‘Kate Spade Handbags’ design house in the early 90’s, Spade has expanded her range to include everything from beauty products to stationary, but it is her small seasonal capsule collections of ladylike coats, skirts, knits, and the accompanying handbags and shoes that define her look. Filled with girlish peter pan collars and bows, embellished buttons and full feminine skirts, and 50 shades of pink, Spade maintains a Park Avenue-esque air of grace throughout every facet of her designs, aspirational for every girl who has dreamed of an Upper East Side, New York lifestyle (and let’s face it, we’ve all watched an episode or two of Gossip Girl and found it rather inviting, right?)
KATE SPADE New York Fall 2015 Presentation KATE SPADE New York Fall 2015 Presentation Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2015 - Kate Spade - PresentationSpade’s Autumn 2015 collection was shown at New York Fashion Week this month, and hit it out of the ball park yet again. Her staple quirky handbags and shades of pink still present, Spade mixed it up a little bit to explore the resurgence of 1970’s style, as only she knows how – complementing pussy bow necklines with leather skirts and showing her archetypal belted coats and midi skirts in bold but classic tartans matched with fur accessories, to produce a winter collection that is sure to be highly sought after.

KATE SPADE New York Fall 2015 Presentation Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2015 - Kate Spade - Presentation KATE SPADE New York Fall 2015 Presentation

After almost 25 years in the business Kate Spade has built her design house on consistency and continuity without ever feeling old or stale. She has never been scared to take a risk with a unique themed handbag or quirky slogan tee, but has maintained the essentials of the namesake brand throughout. Her classic style is timeless and bound to inspire many a New York daydream for years to come.

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