It’s an age old tradition. Timeless. Classic. So when talking about the monogram trend it makes complete sense that it has found it’s way back into the fashion space, albeit elevated and modernised into it’s new form.

It’s a time in fashion where individual style is highly coveted.  We aim to create a signature style that reflects our individuality while at the same time, there is the desperate want for the seasons “must haves”; The “It” bag, the Burberry trench, the unmistakeable red sole of Louboutins.

It’s fashion’s paradox. Finding your unique style amidst the trends that everyone is embracing.

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Up until April 3rd, 2015,  your monogrammed Burberry Bee bag, (hand painted no less) will be available exclusively through Neiman Marcus,  (Sorry girls, not shipping to Australia) and yours for a cool $2395 with a 12 week delivery time. Totally worth the wait! Louis Vuitton’s monogrammed services are well known and personalised luggage will make every trip a stylish affair; the pride of many a carrier and not just for celebrities, your signature piece will be customised for you in Paris with a less painful wait time of approximately 6 weeks. Think it’s just for accessories of the carrying kind? Think again. Jimmy Choo will initial the sole of your shoe in gold and Burberry’s personalised “stamp” was available as of September 2014 for blanket wraps guaranteed to channel your inner supermodel. Insert Initials!

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Not quite able to invest in the Burberry Bee? (After all the wait time is prohibitive….OK, we just can’t quite afford it…yet! ), while you save those final pennies, how about a gorgeous monogrammed boyfriend style pyjama shirt from Jasmine and Will? (available May 2015). Like putting pen to paper, nothing says style quite like your own embossed initials on some Kate Spade Stationery.

Monograms. As perfectly penned by Elle, “In a season of individuality they’ve never been more relevant. Put your stamp on it”.

Jenni Sellan

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