We’ve all read the quotes. “ Style. All who have it share one thing, originality”. (Diana Vreeland). “Style is very personal, it has nothing to do with fashion. Fashion is over quickly. Style is forever” (Ralph Lauren).

Fashion trends come and go; easily copied and religiously followed, and with the unveiling of each new season on the runways, before we can say “supermodel”, fast fashion brands have hit the replica button and countless items have hit the shelves ready for sale and street style is born.

True style has it’s own unique individual stamp and possesses the ability to take a look from mainstream to game changing, but what is this illusive element that we are chasing and how do we become more than a mere follower of the fashion pack?

This season the lines that would normally separate one look from another are fine…. night becomes day and day becomes night, the rebel crosses paths with the classic, and sporty spice reunited with posh and we called it sporty luxe . Androgynous dressing has seen us admit to borrowing from the boys, and mixing patterns and clashing colours is nothing more than a normal day on the streets of style.

The secret lies in having a little bit of courage, and the willingness to play and engage in a some risk. Time starts now.

The opinion pole might be out amongst your friends, but are you brave enough to pair some socks with stilettos?

We can all work back a classic pencil skirt, but choosing it in metallic gold and wearing for day? That gives you fashion’s edge.

A heavy embellished black boot? Now that changes the score.

9/10 of us have our ears pierced, but how many are confident enough to rock an ear cuff?

Who doesn’t love a beanie for winter or a visor for summer, but veiled or embellished?  Hello style.












Chunky knits over a slinky slip?

So a pink ballgown for day, Anna Dello Russo style, may not be in the realm of your everyday…….

But game changing style might be closer than you think.
Game on!

Jenni Sellan

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