Sometimes the best way to dress is the simplest. Perhaps because of all the street style blogs and trends seen on the runway, style had become a matter of who could wear the most extravagant pieces. For some, this is just their style and that’s great, but other people dress this way only to stand out and be the centre of attention.

We often forget that less is more and simple dressing can be as stylish as dressing overly extravagant. You can choose the simplest pieces in your closet; all you have to do is pair them with the right accessories to avoid appearing boring.

Boyfriend jeans and heels Boyfriend jeans and heels Boyfriend jeans and heels Boyfriend jeans and heels Boyfriend jeans and heels Boyfriend jeans and heels Boyfriend jeans and heels

A simple outfit starts with a perfect pair of skinny black jeans. They elongate your leg and can be worn with almost anything.

effortless chic

Try Levis skinny jeans

A pair of boyfriend jeans keeps your look simple with a modern twist. They are super comfy and add an edgier element to more feminine styles.

effortless chic

Try H&M Boyfriend Jeans

Next is a plain t-shirt, preferably loose. It can be white, black, in pastels or darker colours.

effortless chic

Try: H&M Plain white t-shirt

On top of it a simple black blazer will work perfectly. Throw a simple black boyfriend blazer over the top to complete the look, for a simple modern sheek.

Basic black blazer

Try: ASOS Black Blazer

When it comes to shoes, add according to your occasion. A killer pair of heels will translate your look from day to night, and formalise your appearance.

Effortlessly chic: black pumps

Try: Forever 21 Platform Pump

Or flats if it’s a casual outfit.

Effortlessly chic: black ballet flats

Try: Topshop Black Flats

Complete your outfit with an oversized clutch for a more elegant touch, and also to add some colour. The bigger and bolder the better, as clutches can make a great statement piece for simple outfits.

Oversized Clutch

Try: Topshop Oversized Clutch

As for the accessories you can opt for a statement necklace and a lot of rings. Also some super cool shades will upgrade your look and add extra edge.

When it comes to looking stylish yet simple, remember less is more!

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