WHAT do you get when two designers discover a gap in the market for quality yet affordable sweatshirts? Super comfy, premium sweatshirts and a brand culture that makes us want to prance around in said sweatshirt with no pants on with the music turned all the way up (at home of course).


While redefining the classic sweatshirt with specially sourced fabrics and first class production, GOOD CMPNY have created a lifestyle around its brand. Community is at the heart of the label, the sweaters are simply a cherry on top of the brand’s girl/boy next door culture.

At its heart it’s all things youth, freedom and innovation, with an underlying sense of the effortlessly cool 90’s appeal.


Just like the girl/boy next door, GOOD CMPNY is that friend that is constantly linking you to new music, cool articles and the hot new talent to keep your eyes on, through their online curated journal. And, like your high school crush, they even make and share customised mixed tapes (well, mixed soundcloud sets because this is 2016) for when you’re partying, chilling out or want to hear what the GOOD CMPNY team are listening to and loving.


The unique foundation of GOOD CMPNY is nothing short of what you would expect from the brand’s creative founders, design aficionados Luke Henley and James Hill. Partners of the innovative environmental brand design studio, Wildhen Design, they’ve worked with an extensive portfolio of clients that celebrate doing things a little differently, such as Fonda, Yoga 213, Combi and Lululemon.


GOOD CMPNY’s first range of sweaters channel the minimalist style we know and love, in shades such as bone white and wolf grey that everyone at Stylehunter will probably be wearing on repeat, with everything from jeans and adidas superstars, to a feminine silky skirt like our girl below, Tessa-Jay Slight.


With that said, excuse me while I go buy myself a new sweatshirt.

Get yours here.