Wednesday, the 15th marked the VIP red carpet opening and celebration of World of Fashion by Harper’s Bazaar Arabia at the Mall of the Emirates. There were 15 days of fashion shows featuring labels such as Moschino, Chloe, Isabel Marant and Alexander Wang, celebrating all high fashion collections available in the region.


The first day celebrated the wonder of retail maven, Harvey Nichol’s. With it’s ultra-luxe reputation and global presence Hnick’s put on a show featuring some house-hold designer names. There were Alexander Wang backpacks, Moschino Fur’s and Marant Knits. A sense of approaching winter was in the air. Rather than a positive approach to cooler climes certain pairings evoked a darker sense of deep winter. The styling of the models could have been amped up a notch, however, here was a show filled with key pieces.

Harvey Nichol’s continue to prove it’s role in the fashion game by bringing key pieces to the region. Their in-store labels and collections often feature a luxurious, classy and delightful approach to fashion, combined with great service. The men wore varsity-hybrid jackets, the women wore box-coat jackets in pastel, print and bomber jackets in gold – winter’s staple for the designer crowd.


On a side note, to attend any fashion show in a shopping mall is a tad tricky for those of us that have a creative knack for dressing. We have to walk past the bistros, the cinemas, the stores, all to get to a rather open venue. However, the organisation of this particular event had delicately carded off the seating area for press and VIP’s with a thin red rope that helped to celebrate the exclusivity of the fashion crowd placing the runway in a location that was a bit more segregated from the general hub-bub of the mall. Combined with the impressively high, domed ceiling of the shopping mall, guests watched as models walked the ‘in-store collections’ with a sense of pride. Fashion is a world of fantasy, and while ordinarily that ambience cannot be created in a public location, I’d say World of Fashion came pretty close! A fabulous start to this 15 day ‘FASH-ATHON!’

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