I was sorely tempted to open with “Is that a rocket in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?”. However that would be crass (which isn`t all that out of character for me), in an article where I am trying to epitomise the essence of masculine style with an accessory that has stood the test of time… but it’s about to be a game changer.  The simple pocket square is getting reinvented and redefined. No longer is it for the pompous and boring, the square that dares to care is rocketing in with power and pizazz.

It can be a statement, or it can be a subtle touch of sophistication. Think the smooth, sensual stylings of a Mr Chuck Bass (even now, the man still gives me tingles). Or the cool, calm yet charismatic couture of Justin Timberlake. Even too-cool-for-school entourage of Bruno Mars, the doo-wop hooligans themselves, swing it in with a square or two.

I recently had a chat with Brock Walter about his new business venture, Pocket Rockit and his tips on how to style the accessory for the modern man. Brock pursues the idea that the pocket square isn`t just for weddings and formal (read awkward) dining. A great outfit can put a spring in your step and add confidence to your swagger. Pocket Rockit is an easy way for the any guy to add a bit of his own charisma and style to his look, without much effort.

Do you dare to try dapper?


Why did you decide to start Pocket Rockit and what can we expect from the site?

Coming from radio, I use to be able to wear whatever I liked, so it really was a bit of a reality shock going back into the corporate world. I would suit-up every day for work and I felt a little like a lemming bustling around in the CBD. So you can imagine that once I stumbled over pocket squares, I was hooked instantly!

After adopting pocket squares into my everyday life, ‘the pocket square’ (and my pocket origami) quickly became part of my personal brand. One evening at a function, after numerous people commenting my latest square, my friend  asked me ‘so why don’t you design & produce your own??? You could call it Brock’s Pockets!’ – and so here we are…… minus the first draft business name.

Pocket Rockit is my passion project and personal creative outlet – so it can be expected to push the boundaries when it comes to traditional ‘square’ expectation. I could never find cool unique designs, and so expect Pocket Rockit will always be unique and affordable. We only do limited batches of Pocket Rockit, so once we sell through that design style – that’s it;  that way the owner can always be proud in wearing a little piece of Pocket Rockit limited edition history.

pocket_9*Drake looking super smart in GQ magazine.

Pocket square or handkerchief? Same thing, or completely different?

Haha – so completely different in my eyes! Handkerchiefs will always be that thing your Granddad blows his nose in and then jams it back in his 10yr old king gee shorts. Pocket squares are strictly for show.

Talk to me about Pocket Origami. What shape/fold would you suggest for the man whose folding skills are not quite expert level?

Overtime, I have become a bit obsessed with ‘Pocket Origami’ and do love coming up with silly names for them all! One pocket square can be folded to feel like 5-6 completely different ones.

When we source fabric to create Pocket Rockit, we are focused on ‘the foldability’! The softer the fabric, like silk blends, the softer the hold / folds; The stiffer the fabric, like satin/cotton/polyester blends, have a stiffer hold – different fabrics give you different levels of pocket origami opportunities. We even have a ‘Pocket Origami Level’ scale noted on each design, which will let you know how much fold hold to expect.

For the lads, it’s okay to spend two or three minutes in front of your mirror fixing up your pocket square until you’re happy with it. Consider it like ‘bed head’ from your teenage years, careful groomed just right, so it looks like you made no effort at all.

Here is a really simple instruction on how to fold a pocket square – I call it “bookstacks”. You can check out our Pocket Rockit website for more.



– If you fold your pocket square and looks amazing, but your breast pocket bugle out – you really need to refold and try again.

– Would you wear the same tie two days in a row? Think of pocket squares & pocket folds in the same way. Get a few, learn (and master) a couple of different folds to get you through a the work week

– Crazy elaborate folds can look great, but don’t disregard simple folds – create the base and sometimes you only need a little tweak to change into something new.


What is the best type of material for a pocket square; is it standard or should we experiment with textures?

It’s pretty old fashion and off trend now to be just focusing on the silk pocket square and those heavy crushed shiny satin is so totally out. These days, its about the details and they are so many textures around you can get and unique patterned designs.

Pocket Rockit are all about feel, texture and folds. So not only do fabrics look and feel great – the different fabric structure give you more options when folding too. My new line for spring racing carnival is all about soft and rough weaves, smooth and rough textures.

Best way to care for and clean your pocket square?

If you look after your pocket squares, you should never need to clean them. We supply Pocket Rockit with little rocket fuel tins to keep them safe when you’re not wearing them. Occasionally, you may need to press some old fold wrinkles out from time to time. (Hot iron with lots of steam, lay your pocket square flat between a tea towel on top and give it a really, really quick press).


What are the rules when teaming the pocket square with your suit jacket? Is mixing prints allowed or should we play it safe?

I think you have to pick a hero from what you are wearing. Is it your print pattern jacket, your shirt, your tie or your pocket square? You don’t want to overdo it. Your pocket square should always echo something that you are wearing. If you have a blue pipestripe in your shirt, try a pocket square with has the similar blue featured in it somewhere. As long as there is some tangible connection between it all, you should be fine to experiment.

Monochrome – will always look dapper – white shirt, white pocket square, black suit and black tie, classic! But switch out that white pocket square for a Mr Walker, Kerber, Allen or even Mr Jones Pocket Rockit and you start to make this classic look more of your own.

Tip: to the girlfriends and partners, please don’t ever let you gent match his pocket square with the same pattern and colour as his shirt or tie – there are way too many cool options out there for this to ever need happen.

pocket_6 pocket_3

Does the pocket square need to match the socks and should we expect to see socks on Pocket Rockit any time soon?

My really great friends brought me my first pair of ‘Arthur George’ socks (by Rob Kardashian) – so I think bright fashion socks are awesome! I have got variety which last a couple of work week now, but I can’t say that I haven’t gone out of my way to match them to a pocket square.

But “Pocket Rockit Sox”? – I guess should if I ever get tired of making pocket squares – fashion socks could be a fair option!


What is your pocket square inspiration and who would you like to see sporting Pocket Rockit?

To be honest, inspiration really comes from random things in everyday life. It can be a cool piece of old wooden paneling, mimicking fold from flowers in the office or more direct like seeing a piece of cool fashion and having a brainwave for a cool design. Touch is pretty important, so if I source a cool fabric that looks really cool, but doesn`t feel right or fold right in my hands – it never makes the cut.

For me, I would love to see a Pocket Rockit on any of those “new-age-dapper-meets-old-Hollywood-style” gents like Daniel Craig, Leonardo DiCaprio or Ryan Gosling …… Robert Downey Jr would be epic. Though, my Mum and Dad would be pretty happy if Matt Preston just wore one on Masterchef!

So ladies encourage your man to up his fashion game and experiment with a styling square or two. Fathers day is not so  far away and what better way to up your dapper dad points than with a Pocket Rockit square to add some flair. Check out the awesome range online or following the unique styling of Pocket Rockit lovers every where on Instagram.



Happy styling.

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