As I trawled through my wardrobe this morning I noticed a very prominent monochromatic colour scheme mimicked throughout my clothing – tops, pants, overcoats, swimsuits – you name it and it was black, white or grey. Much like the rest of womankind, it seems that I have fallen subject to ‘safety dressing’ as opposed to dressing outside of the box.

Which got me thinking ….. Along with cashmere and knee-length-socks – printed clothing seems to depict a Martha Stewart-Esque appeal that, let’s just say, isn’t very appealing in the contrary.

As a result – somewhere in between Jackie Kennedy’s trio of Chanel suits and Raf Simmons leaving his post at Dior – (otherwise known as some of the best years in fashion) – it dawned on me that unlike traditional colours, namely monochrome, printed ensembles have in fact become a hit or miss in fashion. A small portion of women adore them, while other women disregard them all together. This is somewhat alarming and arguably true to me, despite living and breathing fashion in my spare time, I had also missed the boat when it came to incorporating both individuality and surprise into my wardrobe.

However, let us not be afraid of printed ensembles any longer. The truth is prints are in fact the backbone of why fashion is so much fun.

Here, I pay homage to some of fashion’s best prints, patterns and pinstripes – an effort I hope is adopted by fashion-kind everywhere. Because after all, when worked into existing ensembles, a palette of prints – proves to be a perfect metaphor for improving an otherwise ordinary wardrobe.

From Valentino to Stella McCartney, these are the prints you need to own.


While many fashion personnel cannot seem to part with their monochrome ways, Valentino sure knows how to send a message – with their in adaptation of classic printed hues on dark pigmented fabric. Portraying a vintage-esque approach to traditional pattern-on-pattern magic.


Miu Miu

Miu Miu devotes much of their runway time to display their sought after printed fabrications. Just when you thought prints were intended for a mature audience – think again. Miu Miu leads the way in crafting patterned ensembles for women young and old. Age is just a number baby and life is too short. Wear a pattern.

Miu Miu


Patterns take a different turn when in the grasp of Chanel’s Creative Genius – Karl Lagerfeld. Shown in bright colour ways, intriguing fabrications and timeless silhouettes – Chanel takes prints to another level. Despite ever seeming scary or over-fashioned, Chanel proves printed ensembles are indeed, the new black.


Stella McCartney

Along with her designer peers, Stella McCartney certainly knows a thing or two when it comes to patterned pieces and how to wear them. Play prints up or down with minimalistic accessories and tonal footwear or incorporate McCartney’s signature patterned bucket bags and statement blazer for an array of pattern-approved occasions.

Stella McCartney
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