Melbourne Spring Fashion Week: Designer Runway Three presented the gorgeous SS15 collections from Akira, Arthur Galan AG, Calibre, Christine, Jayson Brunsdon, Megan Park, Nevenka, Nicola Finetti, Thurley and Yeojin Bae.

Staying true to style, Akira graced the runway with oriental-inspired details in romantic silhouettes, adorned with fine silk embroidery.

Yeojin Bae produced must-have pieces for the season, with flirtatious cut-outs in feminine structured pieces, keeping to a striking colour palette of pastel blue, pink, green and black.

Thurley presented a goddess-like collection full of delicate fabrication in sheer white, black and metallic. Bejewelled body armour  and chunky necklaces turned classic pieces ultra-modern and striking.

Jayson Brunsdon’s creations had all style essentials covered, ranging from silk print gowns and sequin-encrusted bold coloured dresses. Male models appeared in a light musk and charcoal grey colour palette, a perfect preppy look for the upcoming spring racing carnival.

Arthur Galan AG kept it minimal chic with modern line work prints on structured garments.

Megan Park brought spring alive with models clad in summery head-to-toe floral prints and colourful floral embroidery.

Nicola Finetti adopted a tropical colour palette for her collection, perfecting colour blocking with pink and orange amongst feminine dresses with asymmetrical cuts.

A French Riviera influence was kept sleek and sharp at Calibre, using shades of grey and blue with hints of red on models sporting polo collars and boat shoes in true oxford style.

An all white and cream collection by Nevenka entailed intricate lace detailing with a modern/Middle Eastern twist. Angelic garments in loose fitting silhouettes were adorned with ruffles and gold embellishments.

The runway ended on a vibrant note with Christine’s collection, bursting with vivid print-on-print ensembles and extravagant head pieces.

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