Melbourne Spring Fashion Week: Emerging Runway 1 and 2 were nothing short of incredible creative talent, presenting the top student designers from Box Hill Institute, Kangan Institute, Melbourne School of Fashion, Whitehouse Institute of Design and RMIT University: School of Fashion and Textiles.

Captivating designs were created from unique and obscure materials and methods, with collections inspired from anything and everything.

Encapsulating irony and playful humour into their collections, Alexandra Hackett used security tags and plastic tag fasteners to create men’s coats and shorts and Anthea Papamanos featured clothing with words such as ‘milkbar’ and ‘fast chicken’ in subtle ways with corresponding tote bags.

Like other designers throughout the week, entirely white collections were exhibited by several students including Rachelle Gregory. Tayla Baird incorporated modern, goddess-like textured corsets with ruffled trains and capes.

Amongst the abundance of unorthodox and eccentric designs, some students kept their collections classic with a twist, such as Brooke Ross’s sleek, high-fashion inspired range. Incorporating a play on collars, Ross used collars on the waistlines of pants as well as necklines, and accessorised with wide brim felt hats and oversized rolled clutches.

Like many truly extravagant fashion shows, fur was bound to make an appearance. Chin Yang Tan displayed a series of volumised fur coats and shoulder features, accompanying garments with crisscross fabric weave details. Omar Haqeem presented a delightful collection of fur adorned mens blazers and shirts.

Leading the future of design, the phenomenal talent of the Emerging Runways were not to be missed. To catch up on the student designer collections of Melbourne Spring Fashion Week, please visit

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